15 Video Games The PlayStation Classic Must Have

The classic edition consoles are becoming quite popular for companies today. Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic along with the Super Nintendo Entertainment Classic. Now following the trend, Sony is bringing out the PlayStation Classic which will come loaded with twenty video game titles. These classic edition consoles are miniature size systems that come with a replica controller and loaded with classic video game titles the system may be best known for.

Sony surprised gamers with a sudden announcement of the PlayStation Classic which retails for $99.99 and comes with two controllers. However, the system will only come with twenty video game titles which only five of the games were announced. Currently, it’s known that the PlayStation Classic will come with Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and lastly, Wild Arms.

While we wait for the rest of the video games to be announced, we decided to list out some titles or franchises that should be included in the mix. It’s worth noting that these games are not ranked  in any particular order, but with that said, we want to know what games you want to see on the PlayStation Classic.

#15 Silent Hill

I know that this game is already going around in other gamers lists and it’s clear why, Silent Hill is just a fantastic video game. This title was such a creepy and terrifying video game that in some ways, was ahead of the curve. Players take on the role of a man named Harry Mason who finds himself stuck in Silent Hill in search of his young daughter named Cheryl. However, as players dove deeper into the narrative a slew of twists and turns present themselves along with a variety of endings that gave players an incentive in going back to play the game.

Unlike other survival horror titles out in in the market, the development team that went by Team Silent made use of atmosphere and delivered fans a more unsettling journey with human like creatures rather than focusing on jump scares. Likewise, because the PlayStation didn’t have the power to render the large map, developers crafted a foggy world making it difficult to see very far out in order to render certain sections of the map, giving players the feeling of not only be alone a hellish world but one that felt massive.

#14 Resident Evil

Resident Evil is practically a given. The title is known for being on the PlayStation platform however, it would almost be too easy to just release the first installment on the console. While the original title was a fantastic hit that sparked a massive franchise overall, graphically the title doesn’t hold up well today. With that said, it would be interesting to see if Sony tosses the sequel as Resident Evil 2 is finally getting a remastered early in 2019.

This could give players a chance to give the original Resident Evil 2 a go before the official remake launches into the market. However, it would also be neat to see Capcom include Resident Evil 3 Nemesis into the game console as that could be the next main remake from Capcom in the Resident Evil franchise. At any rate, we are likely to receive one of the Resident Evil titles. The real question is, just which video game will Sony end up putting on the console.

#13 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise made everyone a fan of skateboarding. The game was an arcade-style hit where you didn’t need to know the names of the tricks, athletes, boards among other aspects based on the sport. Instead, the game is all about having fun and gaining air and speed. This game franchise went on to make a number of installments and spin-off titles and we think at least one title should be included in the system.

It’s a popular enough franchise that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it included but we’re definitely interested in finding out just which makes the cut and actually finds a spot among the fifteen titles included outside of the already give announced.

#12 Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is such a massive franchise and lately, the game series saw a reboot giving resurgence to its fan base. However, because we’re ending the latest trilogy of the games with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we suspect that there would be enough interest in tossing in a video game from the early years of the franchise. Of course, because the Lara Croft story is established now once again, Sony wouldn’t necessarily need to bring back the first installment.

With that said, the first installment remains to be the highest rated video game. However, close by is its sequel but then again there is also Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider: Chronicles. At any rate, Tomb Raider is easily one of the video game titles that comes to mind when thinking of the original PlayStation making it a safe bet that a title will be included.

#11 Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is such a fantastic video game franchise where players fight against each other in vehicle combat. This franchise got its start on the original PlayStation and it has a number of installments available on the console platform. However, what really puts this game into the list is the fact that it’s a great multiplayer video game. Because Sony is packing the console with two controllers tells us that the company is packing in some great multiplayer gaming and what better title to toss into the mix than Twisted Metal. Again, much like Tomb Raider, there are a few different installments that Sony could pick from.

#10 Crash Team Racing

Sony may not have the Mario Kart franchise, but during the days of the original PlayStation, there is another fantastic video game that gave players a ton of enjoyment. Crash Team Racing is another fun multiplayer title that acts similar to the Mario Kart franchise in terms of gameplay. Ultimately, players are tasked with getting first place, but during the race, players can use an assortment of weapons against their opponents.

As the name indicates, this is a video game based off of the Crash Bandicoot franchise which means you’ll find a few familiar characters from the series. However, unlike Mario Kart, there are a few more game modes to enjoy such as an adventure mode which will give players a bit of a campaign story as you go through a series of races.

#9 MediEvil

The MediEvil series is a Sony PlayStation exclusive that played out as an action-adventure hack-and-slash video game. Throughout the series, players take the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque who is an undead charlatan knight fighting off evil to keep the lands at peace. This series grew a cult following with both the gameplay and visuals being lighthearted and fun.

Outside of fighting off a variety of enemies that included massive bugs and creatures, the game featured collectibles to find along with puzzles to solve. There’s even a bit of platforming for players to go through, but despite its following, only three main video games released. While Sony is bringing back a remaster for the PlayStation 4, this could be a great way to give fans another iconic platformer title to enjoy along with gather newcomers to the franchise an interest in picking up the remaster when it official launches.

#8 Einhander

Einhander is a SHMUP or better known as a shoot ‘em up video game. The title was developed by Square back in the day and released as one of, if not, the best shoot ‘em up video games on the Sony PlayStation. Chances are, if you had an original PlayStation console then you’ve rented or owned a copy of the game. Being a shoot ‘em up video game, the story isn’t the deepest or centered focus aspect of the game. Essentially the story takes place in the future where colony forces between the Moon and Earth enter a massive battle over resources.

#7 Dino Crisis

Capcom has a strong following with their Dino Crisis video game franchise. The video game series came out in 1999 for the PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC platforms. Essentially, this game was Resident Evil but with dinosaurs and other monsters. Overall the game series was a hit where it spanned a total of three main installments among a couple spinoff titles.

Even though we haven’t see the game franchise continue on, fans have been pleading Capcom to make another installment. Perhaps if a first title sees a release on the PlayStation Classic, Capcom could potentially gauge fans interest once again in seeing a reboot for the franchise in general. Likewise, this was an excellent survival horror title to add into the mix and we’re sure there would be plenty of praise for the game if it was officially announced.

#6 Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon is yet another iconic platformer franchise that is best known for the PlayStation. The video game put players into the role of a dragon named Spyro who must rescue his fellow dragons after they were trapped by Gnasty Gnorc. Interestingly enough, this game was developed under Insomniac Games, who recently brought out the highly successful Spider-Man video games. Since its debut, Spyro has received a total of three PlayStation titles before moving onto other platforms and the Skylanders franchise.

Recently, Spyro was given a remaster which features the three video game titles remade for today’s platforms. With the purple dragon making a comeback, it’s a bit expected that Sony will deliver fans one of the games for the PlayStation Classic.

#5 Crash Bandicoot

Do we really need to explain ourselves with Crash Bandicoot? The franchise is easily one of the biggest for the Sony PlayStation and as a result, it would be a big shock if Sony didn’t add the game franchise into the PlayStation Classic. This is an iconic platformer where players take the role of a bandicoot who fights against a mad scientist named Doctor Cortex after he beings his plot to take over the world with the use of mutated animals.

Most recently, the franchise received a remaster known as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy that contains the first three video game installments. While we included the Crash Team Racing title in this list as well, there are three other main Crash Bandicoot platformers that Sony could pick from to toss into the PlayStation Classic.

#4 Metal Gear Solid

Hideo Kojima is known for plenty of video game works during his time with Konami, however, the biggest franchise sparked from the famed developer’s mind was Metal Gear. The franchise is so well known and beloved by fans all over the world but there are a few more iconic video game titles from the overall franchise. Just one of those iconic titles is Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation.

This is an excellent stealth video game and at the time, gamers were delivered a very cinematic style video game. Within the game, players take on the role of Solid Snake who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility as you attempt to track down the key members behind a terrorist organization known as Foxhound. Not only was this a fun PlayStation title, but it’s also regarded as one of the more influential video game titles of all time.

#3 Ape Escape

Ape Escape was one of the last video game titles released for the original PlayStation before the debut of the PlayStation 2. This is a platform title developed by Sony which follows a wacky story revolving around intelligent monkeys. Within the story,  a monkey named Specter was able to gain intelligence after the use of a specialized helmet. With this new found knowledge, Specter went out and created an army of monkeys that are sent back in time in order to rewrite history. Players will take on the role of the character Spike, a human that is tasked with tracking down all of the loose monkeys and stopping their plans.

Despite releasing towards the end of the console’s life cycle, Ape Escape is an iconic video game title that grew in popularity. Thanks to its success, it spawned a number of sequels and spin-off titles, the last of which released in 2011 which could mean we are a bit overdue for some Ape Escape in our lives.

#2 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The Castlevania video games are incredible for the most part and really deliver fans a great beat ‘em up Metroidvania style title. Overall, the game series pins players against an assortment of oddity monsters that must be defeated in order to save humanity. This franchise has also seen titles released on the other beloved classic edition consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic. With that said, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see if Sony tosses in one of the most beloved Castlevania video games from the franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

This particular title follows the events of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood where players take on the role of Alucard as they arrive at Dracula’s castle to destroy it. Being one of the most iconic Castlevania video games of the franchise, this game definitely needs to be included into the list.

#1 Bloody Roar

I’ve spent countless hours playing Bloody Roar with friends over the years. This was a fighting game series developed by Hudson Soft. The game was similar to other basic fighting titles over the years such as Tekken but the biggest difference was that the cast of characters could transform into different creatures. Throughout the match, players could gain the ability to morph into a sub-human that would be mixed with different animals such as a tiger, mole, rabbit, fox, and an elephant.

This is another franchise that fans have been asking for a new installment. However, years have passed since we seen any love towards Bloody Roar, but being that there will be a few multiplayer titles added into the mix, we’re hoping that Bloody Roar is a good contender that can go alongside Tekken 3.