Valkyria Chronicles 4: 11 Tips To Help You Master Every Battle | Beginner’s Guide

The Tank | Mobile Cover, Anti-Tank & Breaking Through Mortar Defense

The tank is the ace in your squad. It provides cover against standard interception fire, can break through barricades on the map, is immune to mortar attacks, and can smash enemy tanks. Your tank, can soak up a lot of damage, and if you have an Engineer nearby, you’ll be able to revive it. Normally, a tank can take about 3-4 anti-tank hits — either from Lancers or any anti-tank shells.

  • Facing is important! Don’t leave the radiator (the blue glowing engine) exposed to enemy fire. Even standard bullets can hurt your tank if they hit the radiator.
  • Tanks can’t squeeze into tight areas, and usually a tank is very visible on large battlefields. Move very carefully.
  • Tanks only use 1 CP in this game, unlike previous entries in the series. I’ll explain more about CPs later.
  • The tank is a great defensive weapon, too! Park it outside a base camp, and incoming soldiers won’t stand a chance.

Tanks are incredibly useful is an area is guarded by an enemy Mortar. If you can’t see the Mortar’s location with a Sniper, you’ll need an armored unit like a Tank to break through. Mortar interception fire won’t hurt your tank.

The tank is also one of the best units to move multiple times in a turn. They can’t move too far, but they have plenty of armaments — an infinite machine-gun for close-quarters, a mortar shell, and three anti-tank shells. Keep an engineer nearby to restock you, you’ll only get one ammo recharge per turn.

Make Sure To Upgrade (And Equip) Your Units Between Each Mission

After the first mission, you’ll unlock the HQ. This is where you can spend XP and DCT to purchase upgraded equipment. Any standard upgrades will automatically be equipped onto each class — things like new Suits and Weapons. The same goes for the tank, until you start unlocking optional slots.

  • When purchasing optional upgrades for the tank, you’ll have to slot them into a grid system. Figuring out which upgrades you want the most is important, because you won’t be able to fit them all on the grid. This doesn’t really come into play until later.
  • Defeating named enemy commanders on the battlefield, or earning high completion grades will reward you with special items you can equip on your soldiers. Open the Soldier equipment menu and give your best soldiers these trinkets — even a small boost can save your life.

There’s another way to upgrade your soldiers — by leveling them up! Instead of earning levels automatically, you earn a pool of XP that you can spend. Go to the Training option, and you can spend XP to level up any class you want. You’ll also notice that some classes are tagged with “Orders” or “Potentials” — I recommend prioritizing Orders over Potentials, unlocking new Orders is incredibly useful. I’ll explain more down below.

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