10 Mind-Blowing Fan Video Games You Should Play

Over the years video games have inspired new developers to create game worlds for others to enjoy. However, there have been a few video game titles that fans enjoyed so much that they decided to develop a new installment or remake purely out of fandom. Most of these games actually end up getting killed off by the IP owner, but there are times where these games manage to sneak out online.

We compiled some of our favorite fan-made video game titles which you can download and enjoy today. While some of these games were officially killed off by the IP owners, fans were able to release the game just prior to receiving the cease and desist letter or manage to get them online regardless. Likewise, these games in particular are not ranked in any order. We’re always thrilled to see fan games release and hope to update this list with even more fan creations in the future.

#10 Undertale Red

Undertale is a wacky RPG created by Toby Fox. It’s full of unexpected surprises and as a result, the game became a massive hit. Overall, the game follows a child who has fallen underground and must work his way back to the surface. To to do so, players will encounter a wide range of characters, dialogue choices and a bullet hell combat system. Released back in 2015, it wasn’t long before fans started to throw their creations up online and you can find several available. One of the popular choices that most would recommend is Undertale Red.

It’s a shame to spoil the game for anyone as you’ll want to encounter it much like how you encountered Undertale for the first time. We will say playing Undertale first is a good start. The creator behind the project who goes by Taxiderby, has stated that there would be no future project for this particular game so once you complete it then you’ll have to move on to another fan game, but it’s received quite the positive reception.

#9 Black Mesa

We’re still waiting for Valve to finally wrap up the trilogy of Half-Life but if you happen to be an unfortunate soul that has yet to pick up the original title which started the series then do yourself a favor and try out Black Mesa. Black Mesa is a third-party remake of the original Half-Life that was made possible by just a team of forty people, all volunteering their time to bring an updated look of a beloved video game classic.

Black Mesa was developed over a span of eight years before it was finally released in September of 2012, to massive attention from fans, publications, and even Valve. Now you can relive or take on the journey of Gordon Freeman for the first time ever.

Since its release, there have been additional mods to help expand even more of the game along with updates to add more multiplayer maps, weapons along with general graphical improvements.

#8 Project AM2R

Metroid has a large fan base and when news broke that a fan project was in the works to remake Metroid II: Return of Samus there was plenty of eager gamers interested in downloading the game upon release. Previously the original game was only available on the Nintendo Game Boy and as such the remake known as AM2R, which stood for Another Metroid 2 Remake, would be an incredible enhancement.

Under the creation of Milton Guasti, the development team had a massive challenge as the game would not only receive color but gamers would be playing on a bigger screen in comparison to the Nintendo Game Boy. This meant that the developers had to adjust the level designs and at times even the layouts of the map.

Released alongside Metroid’s 30th anniversary, players quickly downloaded the game and started to play away.

However, it was only a few days after AM2R released that Nintendo sent out takedown notices to websites hosting the download. Despite this, Milton stated that he would continue to work on the project privately but that was also quickly shut down when Nintendo approached him directly.
Because the game was already released online the community quickly got to work and delivered their own patches and additional features, making it nearly impossible to kill off the game completely.

#7 Sonic: After the Sequel

There have been a few Sonic titles released under fans but one title that was not directly involved with Sega is Sonic: After the Sequel. This is a solid Sonic fan game which is set to take place between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 where Sonic and Tails venture off to find Doctor Eggman and take back the Chaos Emeralds.

Gameplay mimics the old 2D side-scrolling platform style of the original Sonic the Hedgehog titles where players can take the role as either Sonic or Tails. There’s also new areas and locations that are themed around haunted houses, cities, theme parks and of course processing plants.

While the game was released in 2013, developers went back in 2017 to update Sonic: After The Sequel which gave it a new title, Sonic: After The Sequel DX. This improved various aspects of the game such as physics along with adding a new move set called drop dash, which was present in Sonic Mania. You’ll even find that there is a new final boss to take on.

#6 Goldeneye: Source

If you had a Nintendo 64 then you owned 007 GoldenEye. Not only was this a fun first-person shooter in general, most would gather to enjoy some local multiplayer matches. Years after its release the game is still widely known, but if you want to enjoy the game today with an overhaul in visuals and mechanics then you’ll want to look at GoldenEye: Source.

This game was developed by fans to bring back the old GoldenEye video game back in popularity. Players will find that the game will contain all of the original maps, weapons and playable characters. We’re sure you may have already been aware of this game, but if not do yourself a favor and give the game a download.

As for support, developers are still actively working on the game and as of right now, there are no plans on working on the main campaign, but with that said, there are offline AI bots to face against.