Black Ops 4: Blackout – Check Out All 14 Areas & What They’re Based On | Map Guide

#3: Hydro Dam

  • References: Eder Dam (Black Ops 1), Hydro (Black Ops 2)

The massive Hydro Dam area is essentially split into two locations — the top of the dam, and the facilities below. The rooms are massive, and the exterior is spacious with long sightlines. Beware anyone with a strong long-range weapon here, because they can be deadly. You’ll need a lot more than a Shotgun or a Pistol if you want to survive in the Hydro Dam.

The water running through the dam is a bonus. You can escape using a boat, or swim through the pipes after popping an Iron-Lung perk to get the drop on lurking opponents. The dam is split in the center thanks to a wide river, with long narrow walkways that are the kiss of death if you have to cross without cover.

#4: Train Station

  • References: Express (Black Ops 2)

The Train Station has been simplified since our last visit. There’s still a futuristic bullet train in the center, but the rest of the area is extremely sparse. You’ll find empty cargo trains lined up behind the passenger train, and a few structures at each corner. There’s a large sign and catwalk over the train that gives you a good view of the area, and a spacious train station interior you can duck into for cover.

This is another extremely wide-open level, so watch your corners and sprint when you’re out in the open. The bullet train in the center doesn’t provide much cover, so you’ll need to stay moving — or climb up onto the roof and get a good, wide view of the area.

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