Top Red Dead Redemption Secrets, Easter Eggs & Cheat Codes

We can’t get enough of Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar Games really made a hit and since it launched we’re always thrilled to enjoy the narrative journey in between other video game releases. Now that we’re all eagerly awaiting its sequel, which is slated to launch in October of this year, we decided to look back once more and share some secrets, cheat codes and other Easter eggs you may have missed when you first went through the game.

Easter Eggs & Secrets

Man With No Name

  • If you head to Coot’s Chapel church and look through the graves, you’ll find one that states “A Cowboy Without a Name” which is a nod to the Clint Eastwood film, Man with No Name.

Future Death

  • One of the grave stones within the Blackwater Chapel states Harrison Cherry died in 1968. This would be decades into the future of when the game is set. We’re unsure if this was an Easter egg or if this was a simple mistake from Rockstar Games.

Clinton Underwood

  • Likewise, within the Blackwater Chapel grave yard there is a Clinton Underwood which is likely another nod at Clint Eastwood.


  • Rockstar Games is no stranger to Sasquatch reports as the creature has been a running myth for their previous video game release, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In the Undead Nightmare DLC, players will be hunting down a Sasquatch. Once you kill it, an achievement will unlock called Six Years In The Making which is a nod to the long running Grand Theft Auto myth.

Red Dead Revolver

  • You may hear some NPC’s speaking of a famous duelist called Red Harlow. This is a callback to the Red Dead Revolver protagonist.

Jack Marston Foreshadow

  • During a mission which John Marston and his son interact, we learn that Jack’s favorite book is about a man who revenges his father’s death. This foreshadows Jack and John at the campaign ending.

The Wilhelm Scream

  • The Wilhelm scream is iconic after it first debuted in the film Charge at Feather River. Since it first originated, the scream has been used in a wide range of films and shows. You can even hear it at times from enemies you kill in Red Dead Redemption.

Cheat Codes

There is a cheats menu where you can include a phrase that will grant players money, attributes among other aspects to alter gameplay. It’s worth noting out that all of these cheats will prevent players from earning achievements or trophies.

  • I am one of them famous fellas – Max Fame
  • You got yourself a fine pair of eyes – Unlocks every area
  • He gives strength to the weak – God Mode
  • I don’t understand imnfinity – Infinite Dead Eye
  • Abundance is everywhere – Infinite ammo
  • They sell souls cheap here – Bounty drops 500
  • I wish I worked for uncle sam – Immune Wanted
  • It’s my constitutional right – Gun Set 1
  • I’m an American. I need guns – Gun Set 2
  • The root of all evil, we thank you! – $500
  • Beasts and man together – Spawn horse
  • Make hay while the sun shines – Horse will never tire
  • Don’t you look fine and dandy – Clothes set 1
  • Humility before the lord – Fame set to zero
  • Oh my son, my blessed son – Play as Jack Marston
  • The old ways is the best ways – Sepia filter
  • It aint pride. It’s honor – Max Honor
  • I love a man in uniform – Clothes set 2
  • Now who put that there? – Spawn stagecoach
  • I’m drunk as a skunk and twice as smelly – Always drunk