8 Biggest Features Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage Showcased

Just yesterday CD Projekt Red unveiled the first gameplay footage of their upcoming highly anticipated release, Cyberpunk 2077. We’ve been told that the upcoming game will take place in a futuristic world where the in-game society is controlled by big businesses, corrupt officials, gangs, among other lowlifes. However, one of the biggest aspects of this game is the science fiction element, where humans morph into computerized robotics all thanks to modern medicine and augmentations.

Now that we finally got a glimpse to this upcoming game, we’re even more thrilled to get our hands on a copy. Unfortunately, there’s no word on just when the game will officially drop but the hype is only building.

In this list, we’re going to showcase eight features and attributes that was beautifully shown off during the gameplay session.

#8 Customization

There are so many elements being tossed around for Cyberpunk 2077 that it can easily be forgotten that this is still an RPG experience. In fact, at the very start of the game, we were shown off the ability to pick between a male or female protagonist. From there, players will be able to tweak the backstory.

From what we are able to gather, the options that help shape your character’s backstory will alter some of the gameplay elements you may be presented within the actual game campaign. While this is an RPG, you won’t find any classes to choose from in the start. As you’ll find that the game will be more freely opened to adapt your character however you see fit. Of course, with that said, there are a few base stat options you can upgrade from the very start.

Outside of stats and backstory, there will be an array of options to tweak the appearance of your character.

#7 Destruction

We’re not sure just how much destruction is available within the game but early on we did see some enemies blast through the wall and practically bring it down entirely. Later on within the gameplay footage, CD Projekt Red did make note that certain weapons can blast through walls to hit the enemy target.

While we are not likely to see entire buildings crumble from our own doing, it does seem that there will be at least some level of destructibility.

#6 Dialogue & Choices

From the looks of things, dialogue will play a massive role in this game. Players will be able to select from an array of choices when it comes to responses. There may also be an option to perform an action. Of course decisions and choices will may create a big outcome.

Depending on the selection will determine just how the gameplay pans out. Unfortunately, the gameplay shown off only showcased one path of choices, but the narrator throughout the gameplay did make mention that the outcome of your decisions could have been drastically different if players go with different choices.

#5 Missions

Continuing on from the previous point, missions can play out in an assortment of ways. Depending on the choices you make could alter the mission gameplay. For instance, the mission shown off had our protagonist going to a shady gang to purchase a stolen robot for yet another shady person.

This entire mission was more of a choose your own adventure. We witnessed the outcome of the mission due to the steps taken by CD Projekt Red but it was noted that things could have gone differently either from the better or the worse if the protagonist went a different route.

#4 World

The in-game world not only looks to be big but incredibly filled. Developers have tossed in a very crowded and bustling city environment with NPCs all supposedly having their own unique day and night cycle.

It’s quite impressive to see just the scale of immersion developers are tossing into the game and it’s certainly something we see make it to the official release. Not only will there be crowds of people but random encounters that you can take part in.

We’re told that the city featured in the game is still a rough and harsh world so CD Projekt Red likely only scratched the surface of just what all the in-game city has to offer.

#3 Vendors

Going a bit more into the city aspect of the game, there are a number of vendors available. These are locations in which players can purchase gear such as weapons. Clothing among other items will play a role in not only fashion and customization but buffs. Depending on the clothing will determine just what stats are improved for your character.

Speaking of clothing, certain clothes will give players Street Cred. This will apparently give players the ability to unlock even more vendors throughout the city. Select vendors will also give players more augmentations and upgrades.

For instance, in the gameplay, one augmentation was showcased where players can see great distances and scan items or people for weak points. Being a corrupt city, players can find illegal vendors that will sell military-grade augmentations, but it will come with a hefty price.

#2 Combat

Combat looks incredibly fluid and fun. The gameplay footage shows the protagonist making leaps while slowing down time in order to take a perfect shot. There’s a variety of weapons available to choose from but one of the more interesting aspects shown was hacking.

Hacking was admittedly a still very much a work-in-progress feature but CD Projekt Red unveiled the ability to hack into an enemy infrastructure. From there, players can malfunction weapons being held by the enemy, leaving them vulnerable.

#1 Vehicles

Combat can also be taken on the road as there will apparently be a series of cars and motorcycles available to traverse the city. We did get to see some combat while driving a vehicle but unfortunately, we only got to see one vehicle demonstration. Knowing that there are more vehicles to go through has us intrigued and curious as to if vehicles will be just another element that players can tweak or personalize.