Guacamelee! 2: All The Easter Eggs We’ve Spotted (So Far) | References & Memes List

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There are a truly insane amount of Easter eggs, references, and memes in Guacamelee! 2, and we’re trying to find (and share with you) all of them. There are so many, we’re bound to miss some, but let’s give it a try anywhere. Below, you’ll find a huge gallery with pictures of every single reference we’ve found, plus a little explanation so you know where it comes from. Sometimes, there are multiple references in a single image, so we’ll just list the refs from left to right for your browsing convenience.

Guacamelee! 2 is a gleefully silly punchy platformer. Our hero Juan is a Mexican Wrestler, a Luchador, and he’s traveling through the Mexiverse to save every alternate dimension from a new evil threat. You’ll learn powers to traverse the tricky platforming challenges, and learn new combos so you can more efficiently crush armies of skeletons. Every once in awhile, you’ll pause and explore another dimension — that’s where the Easter eggs come in. Join us as we break down everything we can spot.

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All The Easter Eggs We’ve Spotted (So Far) | References & Memes List

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more updates! We’re looking for more Easter eggs and references, and we’ll add more gallery entries as we find them.]


Guacamelee! 2 is packed with references and in-jokes. There aren’t as many as there were in the first game, but there are still a whole lot. So many, it’s going to be really hard to find them all. So we’re including everything we can figure — check the captions in the gallery for details.

The Limbo Spider

Right at the start of the game, you’ll begin exploring different timelines. One of the first timelines is a creepy, black and white landscape — if you’ve played Limbo, you’ll recognize the creepy spider that attacks just as you leave. Spooky!

Hours of Doors (Service-Based Platform Timeline)

Don’t like microtransactions? Free-2-Play? iOS games? Then you’re in good company, because there’s an alternate timeline with plenty of microtransaction jokes. It’s optional, but you can enter a house and unlock a reward if you’re willing to wait — first just a minute, then several minutes, then houses and finally a fully day.

You can pay gold to get through the Silver Gate, the Gold Gate, and open the legendary chest — or you can actually wait a long, long time. If you pay, you’ll be able to get your final reward; a single gold coin. Bad luck. You’ll earn the “One Born Every Minute” achievement / trophy for doing this one.


Bonus Room (Fighting Street Timeline)

Remember that minigame in Street Fighter 2? Yep, that comes back here. You’ll enter the “Fighting Street” timeline, and you’ll get a chance to smash a red car for points. There are actually two of these instances, but if you smash the car completely you’ll earn the “Perfect” achievement / trophy.

The Meme CaveĀ 

Much later in the game, you’ll enter a cave that’s made for everyone that hated the memes from the original game. There are 9 memes to find — and lots of angry, probably real comments from people that absolutely hate the memes, and want them removed from the game. Surprisingly, it looks like those same people got their wish. There aren’t very many memes in Guacamelee! 2 — almost all of them are relegated to this single cave. That’s a nice concentration of terrible.