Death’s Gambit: Can’t Beat Gold Drake Knights? Use Crystal Bombs | Easy Method

If you’re one of those lucky undead soldiers working your way through Death’s Gambit, you’ve probably encountered a Gold Drake Knight. These annoying enemies aren’t quite bosses, but they’re tough enough to stop most normal players in their tracks. They wield massive swords that can cut down players insanely quickly. Most people seem to hate fighting them, so we’re going to share a useful trick that makes killing them easy.

Basically — use Crystal Bombs. Like the Dark Souls series, you can earn resources by defeating enemies. If you don’t want to spend those resources on leveling up, you can use it to purchase items from various stores. Some of those items can be really useful. Bombs in the Souls series could be incredibly useful in the right hands, and that weird little wrinkle seems to stick in Death’s Gambit. The bombs you can purchase are strong enough to bring down one of the toughest reoccurring enemies easily.

How To Defeat Gold Drake Knights Easily


This method was shared by Steam User fjfjhyujbbn, but it’s so simple and straightforward, anyone can figure it out — if you’re willing to experiment. The Crystal Bombs are unique in that they’re both easy to acquire, and strong enough to bring Gold Drake Knights down fast. Here’s how it works.

  1. To stunlock Gold Drake Knights and defeat them easily, you’ll need to purchase Crystal Bombs.
  2. Crystal Bombs can be purchased from Jaco of Basilus’ shop, in the Central Sanctuary. As long as you’ve completed the tutorial area and defeated the Owl King, you’ll be able to access his shop.
  3. Crystal Bombs cost 55 shards each. Purchase about 10 (or more) to be safe.
    • You can also farm Crystal Shards from the undead soldiers in the area near the first Gold Drake Knight.
  4. Face a Gold Drake Knight. The first one is in the underground path in the Central Sanctuary, guarding the gate on the horse road.
  5. Pelt the Drake Knight with Crystal Bombs. Just keep throwing as quickly as you can once you land a hit. He’ll be stunlocked. Keep going, and if he tries to jump, just dodge and finish him off.
    • He’ll spawn wings and fly up when he’s extremely low health. You can use a jump attack to finish him off.

This is a total cheese method. If you want to fight him normally, be prepared to parry. Raise your shield just as his sword is about to land on you, and he’ll be open to attack. Strike back and repeat to bring him down. It requires tight timing, but it’s a more legit method.