We Happy Few: Where To Find All 5 Cat Statues | ‘Cat Burglar’ Guide

Eventually in We Happy Few, you’ll enter the village of Wellington Wells proper as Arthur.

Spend enough time around the drugged-up locals, and you’ll eventually find something quite useful — a shop. Shops aren’t just a great place to buy random bits of junk you need for crafting, they’re also another source of side-quests, and the Odds & Ends vendor in Maidensholm eventually sends you on a cat burglar mission.

The breaking-and-entering job sends you to a mansion, where you’ll need to steal a set of cat statues. Below, I’m going to explain how to complete this step, and how to earn the ‘Cat Burglar’ achievement / trophy.

Where To Find All 5 Cat Statues | ‘Cat Burglar’ Guide

To go on the ‘Cat Burglar’ quest, you’ll need to bring back the three Gold Records from the Garden District for the Odds & Ends shop in Maidenshold. After completing that quest, you’ll get another quest sending you to Thomasina House to steal the cat statues.

  • Thomasina House is located just across the street from the secondary St. George’s Holm hatch, in southern St. George’s Holm.
    • This quest and area are only available in Chapter 1: Arthur.

After taking the side-quest, you’ll need to break into the mansion and start searching for the statues. They’re hidden throughout the mansion in the following locations. The first four statues are fakes. Only the final statue is the “real” marble statue.

  • Cat Statue #1: To the right, through the outside door to the kitchen. In the pantry, look at the top of the shelf.
  • Cat Statue #2: In the office to the left of the front entrance. It’s on the desk with the typewriter.
  • Cat Statue #3: On the middle landing, on the main stairs to the second floor.
  • Cat Statue #4: Go left from the middle stairs landing to find the last fake statue on the cabinet.
  • Cat Statue #5: On the second floor, go to the office on the right and interact with the portrait above the desk. There’s a secret alcove behind it with the last statue.

You’ll need to complete this mission without being seen, and without hurting any of the people inside. Unlock some of the stealth upgrades for Arthur so he can see footprints at greater distances to make this easier. Have some patience, and you should have no problem.