Top 10 Bloodiest Close Combat Fighting Games

Close Combat Fighting Games

close combat fighting games

Some games have you kill guys left and right, some games have you throw them gleefully grinning into rotating razorblades, making a real mess for the facility managers to clean up. But those are not the games we want to talk about today. 

Today we talk about games that go to down on faces and bones, today we talk about games that mess people up. Or rather games that mess you up. And by that I mean pound some heads without (necessarily) dealing death. 

See, everyone can be a ruthless killing machine. There’s a boom, a scream and somebody falls over dead or explodes into a million pieces. There’s little art to that. What we talk about today are games where you get to enjoy the moment before that happens, where you can smash someones head into a toilet for five minutes before moving on. Where you pummel your hapless opponent across the screen, turning him into a living squash ball. Today we give you gaming’s most vicious beatings. 

#10 Splinter Cell Conviction

Now there was a game that delivers legendary beatings! Redecorating a public bathroom with some goons face is just the beginning! It all goes south from there. Deep south. As in flying a Confederate flag and whistling Dixie. This was the game that prominently featured (white) hero Sam Fisher beating the crap out of a (black) government official involved in some conspiracy at the feet of the Lincoln statue within Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial. 

The “interrogation scenes” all packed a punch. And all of them were somewhat problematic. Sam beat the crap out of a black guy, a woman and other people, since the early 2010 saw the start of that whole “let’s have our heroes torture some people for info!” fad that still lingers these days.