Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Week 5 Challenges Guide | Golf Greens & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]

Lazy Links finally lives up to its promise in the Season 5, Week 5 challenge for Fortnite: Battle Royale.

This week, it’s all about the green — golf green, that is. You’ll need to land five golf balls on five greens, and it’s one of the most straightforward challenges so far. You don’t even need to perfectly land the ball on the green. If you take your shot and miss, you can simply kick the ball onto the green. Yes, that totally counts.

We’ve also got the location for a hidden Battle Star treasure. The video above has all the details — but, for those that like to read instead of watch, there’s a full text guide below with all the information you need to solve this week’s trickiest challenges.

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Week 5 Challenges Guide | Golf Greens & Treasure Locations

  • Challenge: ‘Snobby Shores Map’ Treasure
    • Battle Star Location: Haunted Hills – As usual, you don’t need to actually find the map in Snobby Shores to get the hidden Battle Star. Just travel to the location — it’s found in the northeast corner of Haunted Hills. It’s found on the pointed roof of building next to the church.
      • Map Coordinates: B2 [You can reach this Battle Star from the sky. Just land on the building next to the church in the northeast corner of Haunted Hills, and look near the spike.]

For the Week 5 challenge, you’ll need the golf club toy emote so you can actually hit balls into the nine golf greens. You don’t need to get a hole-in-hole, you just need to land the ball on the green. After teeing off, you can even kick the ball onto the green and it will still count. You only have to complete 5 holes.

  • Challenge: 9 Golf Greens
    • Hole #1: F2 [To the right of the Lazy Links club house. Hit from the tee off area and into the green.]
    • Hole #2: Instead of listing the golf green locations, you can easily find them for yourself. After teeing off and landing on the green, just follow the signs. The second hole starts right next to the first green.
    • Hole #3-9: The same goes for the next hole, and the next. If the hole doesn’t begin right next to the previous green, just follow the dirt path to reach it. It helps to have an ATK so you can easily traverse the entire golf course.