Rocket League: Redeem These Codes For Free WWE Stuff | Unlockables List


Rocket League is about to go through some serious changes this summer — the weirdest online driving / football game ever is gaining a revamped progression system. Like many online games, it’s also got loot crates you can pick up for a few real-world dollars. Thankfully, for those thrifty players, you can save some cash and unlock cool stuff with a few free promotional codes.

Some of these codes are part of a WWE promotional push. If you missed this year’s WrestleMania, you might’ve missed one of the free codes shown in a segment. Other codes were revealed on WWE’s gaming YouTube Channel, UpUpDownDown hosted by Xavier Woods. Still other codes were shown in select theaters before the featured presentation. No matter the source, some helpful people are busy compiling the list of freebies.

The Rocket Pass is coming to Rocket League — just like Fortnite‘s Battle Pass, this is a time-limited, seasonal progression path that’s completely optional, but gives you access to new customization items. Like the Battle Pass, it’s projected to cost $9.99 and focus on unique content you can’t unlock anywhere else. If you just want to play the game and have fun, it’s completely optional, but the Rocket Pass will give you more goals to reach per session if you’re a big fan.

There might be more Rocket League codes out there, so let us know if there’s a code we missed!

Redemption Codes List

To input a code in Rocket League, follow these simple steps starting from the Main Menu.

  • Go to Main Menu -> Extras -> Redeem Code

Input one of the following codes to get an idea.

  • Free Codes List:
    • rlbirthday [New Code!]
    • wwedads
    • wrestlemania
    • popcorn

The code “popcorn” will give you a free boost. The other three codes will give you random WWE items — these include banners and other customization items related to the WWE. They give random items, so you won’t get the same items when you redeem each code. If you missed something, try all three codes to increase your chances of unlocking something you really want out of the WWE-branded item pool.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more code updates as they’re released!]

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