15 Incredible Action RPG Video Games Released For Xbox One In The Last Five Years

The Surge
  • Developer: Deck13 Interactive
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

The Surge follows a future in which mankind had successfully consumed all of the basic resources needed to survive. This has left a strain of environmental diseases and crisis. Needing the use of exoskeletons to battle the infected, players must track down new technologies as they attempt to rid the world from those corrupted. Outside of being able to tweak the suits and augmentations for your character, you’ll find combat to be a bit strategic in both planning your attacks and defenses. This game is a bit small in terms of exploration and that seems to be one element that the developers are looking to bring out for the sequel.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  • Developer: Monolith Productions
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Following after the events of Shadow of Mordor, Middle-earth: Shadow of War will again feature our protagonist Talion as he forged a new Ring of Power. However, conflict may arise between Talion and his infused spirit of elf lord Celebrimbor when it comes to their end goals. Outside of the narrative, most of the gameplay mechanics you’ve become acquainted with in the first installment will make a return as you take down orcs and travel across the lands completing quests.

One element that was instantly disliked by gamers is that there were a few microtransactions presented in the title that offered loot crates and or adding gold to your character. This was removed by the development team though it may have been too late for some gamers to really make the decision on picking the title up. Now that the game has been out for a few years, you can purchase Middle-earth: Shadow of War at a discounted price and enjoy a fantastic action RPG experience today.


  • Developer: Tripwire Interactive, Blindside Interactive
  • Publisher: Tripwire Interactive, Deep Silver

Maneater is a different kind of game. Players assume the role of a shark and must evolve although in order to do so they must devour smaller prey. First starting off as a bull shark, players begin their revenge on a shark hunter that has been killing your kind and even your mother bull shark. It’s a very simplistic style game, you go out and devour or attack other prey while swimming in the open-world ocean.