Heavy Rain: How To Get The Best (& Worst) Endings | Endings Guide

Heavy Rain

The Worst Endings

The worst ending is obvious — the Origami Killer gets off scot-free. This can happen, even if many of the characters survive their stories. The Origami Killer is Scott Shelby, and the main characters cannot find this out.

Unpunished – Scott’s Ending

Scott Shelby escapes. The ending shows Scott free, unpunished, and able to continue his secret campaign as the Origami Killer.

  • Scott Shelby must survive in “The Old Warehouse” chapter.
    • This can happen if none of the characters find the warehouse location.
    • Ethan must miss Scott when he tries to shoot him when reaching the warehouse alone.
    • Madison or Norman must lose their fights against Scott if they reach the warehouse alone.
  • Lauren must die in the chapter “Trapped”.

Helpless – Ethan’s Ending

To get the worst ending for Ethan, Mr. Mars needs to successfully be framed as the Origami Killer. In this ending, Ethan is in a jail cell where he commits suicide with a noose.

  • Ethan must be arrested.
    • Ethan can be arrested in the following chapters: Fugitive, and On The Loose.
  • Shaun must die.
    • Norman needs to give up on the final puzzle or accuse the wrong suspect.
    • Madison needs to die, fail to reach the warehouse, or die before rescuing Shaun.

Dead Heroine – Madison Ending

This one is simple — Madison needs to die before reaching the warehouse. She can also die in the final warehouse, earning her a different ending, but if you die very early, Madison won’t be able to provide any extra help.

  • Madison must die.
    • Madison can die in the following chapters: The Doc, Killer’s Place, and The Old Warehouse.

Smoking Mirror – Norman Ending

The worst ending for Normal is a little more complicated. Instead of simply dying, Norman needs to survive, fail to find the warehouse, and let Shaun die. He doesn’t just retire from the FBI, he overdoses on drugs.

  • Norman must survive.
  • Normal must fail to save Shaun.
    • To fail, Norman needs to fail the final puzzle or accuse the wrong suspect.
    • Ethan needs to be arrested, or not complete enough trials to find the warehouse.
    • Madison must die, or fail to find the killer’s warehouse.

And that’s it. The worst and best combinations for Heavy Rain. Enjoy your second playthrough!