The Best Simulator Video Games Of The Last 5 Years

Do you like dabbling into other careers or hobbies through a video game format? There are all sorts of great simulator-based video game titles that release each and every year. We decided to take a look at the very best available on the latest generation console platforms.

These are some of the best simulator video games that have released within the last five years.

#15 Farming Simulator 17

Farming Simulators always seem to do a solid job within the gaming market. From Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley to the Farming Simulator series, there’s certainly a market for these simulation games. Within Farming Simulator 17, players will experience more of a modern feel of being a farmer.

In the game players will work on hundreds of acres with over 250 farming vehicles and equipment. Learn how to tame the ground in order to bring out a healthy harvest of crops while also taking care of the various livestock. Likewise, a big portion of the game will be selling your goods to help expand your land and equipment.

A neat little addition to Farming Simulator 17 is that the game will allow for community-created mods to help enhance your farm life experience. With that said, you can always jump on the latest installments as they release to keep the farm fields looking even more realistic.

#14 Tropico 5

The Tropico series has always put players in control of a country with an emphasis on being a government simulator. Within the game, players will go through four different eras while the game tosses a number of objectives to complete.

As the leader of a country, gamers will have to handle various aspects from maintaining the order of the countries people to bringing bliss and prosperity. However, if you’re not looking to go through a campaign or facing against other players, the game does offer a sandbox mode. Within this sandbox mode, a pre-generated island will be created for players to tweak and control.

#13 The Sims 4

The Sims franchise has maintained a strong following over the decades and the fourth main installment of The Sims was released on the latest generation of consoles. As always, the gameplay still remains around controlling a group of individuals who live in the same house.

As always, players can tweak the household to replicate a design that they particularly enjoy whether that be décor to fully rearranging the house blueprints. Outside of the construction element, gamers within The Sims 4 will still be able to adjust the everyday activities of their characters. Likewise, The Sims 4 has received additional expansion packs to help bring in even more content to go through.

#12 Job Simulator

Job Simulator has become a hit online and one of the more recommended VR titles to pick up. With that said, you’re going to need a decent gaming PC with either the HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift to enjoy the game. Within the title, players take on the role of a human in a robot driven world.

The game offers a variety of everyday jobs to take on such as a standard office job to a car mechanic or even a convenient store clerk. Regardless of the job, players will have to do various tasks while interacting with the various objects and sets.