20+ FREE PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have

You just spent quite a bit of money on a brand new gaming PC or you successfully created a custom build. While gamers may quickly flock to the must-have software’s such as Steam, there are a whole bunch of great software out there that you’ll want to download. Likewise, it may be too easy to label Steam in this list so we’re going to recommend some alternatives among other free software worth checking out.

These programs listed below will not only help aid in your overall gameplay experience but can also make sure your PC is running smoothly and efficiently. Here are our picks for the top twenty free PC programs that every gamer should own.

Likewise, we would like to know what some of your favorite free PC programs are by leaving us a comment down below!

#24 IObit Uninstaller

Unlike consoles, uninstalling programs can be a bit of a task for PC platforms. There are several downloads that have leftover files or content that is tucked away on the PC. If you have downloading programs or add-ons then instead of hunting down everything related to that program on your PC you can use IObit uninstaller. This software is able to take out any unwanted software with one click and it will then remove everything attached to it. It’s a simple program but extremely useful especially after a few years of playing around on your gaming PC.


#23 Malwarebytes

Owning a gaming PC should come with some software that will ensure you’re running safely. Whether you accidentally download a program or software unknowingly or happen to pick something up from a website, it’s good to make sure your PC is free from any viruses. There are all kinds of different virus protectors out there so it may come down to preference or whichever one you feel most comfortable with. For our recommendations, having something like a free version of Malwarebytes could become quite useful. With this software, you can scan your PC and make sure there are no viruses, malware, ransomware, or any other threats that may infect your PC and prevent you from getting the most of your gaming PC.


#22 Epic Games Store

We have a few digital storefront marketplace applications posted on this list and no doubt most of you have heard about Valve’s Steam. It’s a great online digital storefront that features a wide range of video game titles and has the luxury of being a piece of software that’s been around for years. As a result, not only is the digital storefront used frequently but it has a strong positive reputation. That means when there is any competition that comes up in hopes to battle against Valve’s Steam storefront, they are fighting an uphill battle. That is until Epic Games delivered their updated storefront known simply as the Epic Games Store.

There are a few reasons that this storefront could really stand against Steam. For starters, it’s gathering plenty of users simply by providing free video game titles every month. Gamers are getting access to titles such as Subnautica, Super Meat Boy, Axiom Verge, and Thimbleweed Park. Furthermore, it’s starting to secure a number of PC exclusives thanks to the larger profit margins developers along with publishers gain through Epic Games Store resulting in Steam losing out on select titles. While there are still some areas that could be tweaked for Epic Games Store, it’s worth downloading the storefront at the very least to enjoy some of those free monthly video game titles.


#21 Origin

Outside of Steam which we made mention in our intro paragraph, there are other digital distribution storefronts such as Origin. This service us owned by Electronic Arts and its become a must own if you wish to purchase and enjoy select video game titles such as the more recent release, A Way Out. Chances are most of these games won’t find its way outside of Origin if you’re looking to enjoy the game on the PC platform and as a result, you’ll want to make sure this Origin program is downloaded to your gaming desktop. Again this is just another storefront outside of Steam and you’ll find several other programs out there that offer a similar experience.