Top 15 Mind F*ck Games: Blow Your Brains Out

Mind F*ck Games

The human mind is a fascinating thing. At once it is both our greatest achievement, the supposed pinnacle of evolution, an organ powerful and clever, outsmarting, outwitting all the other creatures on this planet, and yet at the same time it’s a part of ourselves that can be fooled, tricked and hurt in the most peculiar of ways. 

In this entry, we celebrate those games that are cerebral in not necessarily the nicest of ways. Games that show us things that aren’t there, the equivalent of M. C. Escher paintings, David Lynch movies, and cryptic messages uttered by a deranged transient on a subway train through the inner city late at night. 

Those games are deceiving, they play games with us, with our minds, without asking for prior consent. Well, some do anyway. Others ease the player in and just go wild. In any case, these games are special. Delightful. Mostly. And deranged. A bit. But for some reason, they are still fun to be fooled by. The mind, well, it is a peculiar thing.