15 PS4 Hacks & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

The PlayStation 4 has been available for purchase for a number of years now yet there are still new adopters of the console each and every day. If you’re new to the console itself or even if you owned a PlayStation 4 since its initial launch, there are all sorts of tips and tricks to make your experience with the console better.

In this list, we’re going to showcase some useful tips and tricks for the PlayStation 4 that you might not have known about. Without further ado, check out our tips and let us know if we miss out on something that should be added later on by leaving a comment down below.

#15 How to Use the PS4’s Hidden Zoom Feature


Reading in-game text in video games can sometimes be totally difficult, especially in games without proper font-sizing. If you’re sitting too far away from your TV or if things look a bit blurry, it’s possible to blow up the text by zooming in.

You’ll first need to head into your PS4 settings and enter the “Accessibility” menu, where you’ll find an option for “Zoom.” Enable it and you’ll be able to zoom into your screen by hitting the PlayStation button and square.