Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – All Command Codes | Cheats Guide

[Note: This is a work in progress article. Check back for future updates.]

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is a direct sequel to Pillars of Eternity. The video game will take place within Eora where players step into the role of a Watcher. Our protagonist has the ability to look into other character’s souls along with reading their memories or past lives.

Now that the god of light and rebirth has awoken, players will find that the god has destroyed his stronghold while also leaving him near death. Within the game, our Watcher protagonist seeks to find the god Eothas.

Struggling within the game or need an extra hand then in this guide we’ll showcase all of the commands players can use towards their advantage. These commands can unlock certain items or give your protagonist unlimited gold.

Note: In order to enter the commands you will need to bring up the console which can be done by using the tilde key ~.

Note: # symbol should be replaced with number desired.

  • Iroll20s – Activates Cheat Mode
  • God – Invincible
  • AddExperience # – Add experience to party
  • AddExperienceToLevel # – Bring party up to a specific level
  • AttributeScore “character” “attribute” – Increase attribute level for a character
  • Cosmic Bird – Add Cosmic Bird pet to inventory
  • Cosmic Cat – Add Cosmic Cat pet to inventory
  • Cosmic Dog – Add Cosmic Dog pet to inventory
  • CraftingDebug – Bounty of crafting materials
  • FindGameData “item” – Brings up item info
  • FreeRecipesToggle – Craft any item without need of materials
  • GiveItem “item” – Put item into inventory
  • GivePlayerMoney # – Put amount of money into inventory
  • HealParty – Restore health and stamina to party
  • Invisible – Party becomes invisible
  • NoFog – Removes fog
  • Rest – Party will camp without camping materials
  • Skill [player] [field] – Increase the skill level for a player
  • ToggleSpellLimit – Cast any number of spells
  • UnlockAll – Unlocks all chests
  • UnlockBestiary – All enemy entries will be in the game’s bestiary

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