10 Best Galaxy S4 Games: A Galaxy of Fun

galaxy s4 best games

The Android OS has proven itself a worthy contender in the field of smartphone operating systems and provides its users with every bit of a gaming ecosystem as its counterparts at Apple.

Among one of the best available phones that runs on Android is the Samsung Galaxy S4, the flagship phone from Samsung and one of the leading contenders in the field of Android phones.

Despite popular belief—and heavy amounts of marketing from Apple—the Android is every bit of a gaming platform as the iOS. Offering decent graphics, a flawless touch-based interface and multiplayer capability, Android phones are no stranger to games.

We've put together this extensive roundup of the best games—both free and premium—that the Android has to offer, all of which are playable on the S4.

10. Magicka is a side-scrolling brawler done in the style of Double Dragon and Golden Axe. Differing from its counterparts, Magicka builds upon the premise of the game by the same name on the PC by allowing players to create their own magical cocktails by playing around with combinations of fire, lightning, earth, and ice.

Buy it here. [$1.99]

9. Star Wars Pinball is a pinball game in which you ping a ball through the flying city of bespin. What more is there to say about it? Well, for one thing, it's the best pinball game you'll ever as likely to find on the Android. Plus, you know, it's Star Wars. That's a huge plus.

Buy it here. [$1.99]

8. Metal Slug X is an improved and heavily tweaked version of Metal Slug 2, designed specifically for the Android in mind. If you're after a side-scrolling platform shooter, this game is second to none.

Buy it here. [$3.99]

7. Boulder Dash XL is an action-puzzle-dexterity game, and the sequel to the Boulder Dash series, recognized as one of the most beloved retro franchises of all time.

Buy it here. [$2.99]

6. Tetris Blitz is a race against the clock in a two-minute blitz to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before the time runs out. It's like Tetris, but way, way faster.

Download it here. [Free]

5. Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno puts players in the role of Ash, a devil rabbit and prince of hell who's armed to the teeth with all manner of weaponry. Just think of him as Sonic with guns.

Buy it here. [$0.99]

4. RE-VOLT Classic is a racing game in which you race RC cars through the neighborhood and beyond. The game's a remake of the classic racer for the PC and Dreamcast by the same name.

Buy it here. [$4.99]

3. Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold is a three-part love letter to the classic adventure games of the 90s. It's point and click adventuring at its finest.

Download it here. [Free]

2. Vector is an arcade-style game in the form of Canabalt. Instead of being an endless runner, however, Vector consists of 30 missions and contains dozens of parkour moves to help you get through each of the levels.

Download it here. [Free]

1. GRIDD 2 is an endless shooter in which you steer your spaceship through a tunnel, avoiding everything that you can and shooting everything else in your way.

Buy it here. [$1.31]