10 Unsolved Video Game Mysteries

Developers will tend to add some goodies for players to uncover in their video games outside of the main campaign. These can be something as simple as a little Easter Egg character to more complex and bizarre levels. However, with that said, there are still countless other mysteries that players are still hoping to crack.

We’ve compiled our top ten unsolved mysteries from video games that we’re hoping to see some actual closure. These range from complete yet unconfirmed video game titles to random in-game content that does not have any end goal or solution.

#10 Berzerk Arcade Cabinet

Berzerk was an arcade cabinet that came out back in the 1980s and one of the first to use voice synthesis. With that said, the cabinet may be more notoriously known for the deaths it supposedly caused. Apparently, this cabinet was linked to three deaths from Calumet City, Illinois with the first being Jeff Dailey. Jeff managed to get his name on the scoreboard list twice before dying of a heart attack. Peter Burkowski was another victim who managed to reach the top scoreboard only to also die from a heart attack. Lastly, a third death was caused when one arcade patron stabbed another over a quarter that was inserted into the Berzerk cabinet.

#9 Killswitch

Killswitch is a video game that supposedly very few players ever got a chance to play. If the story is believed to be true then Killswitch is one of the earliest survival horror video games. Players take on the role of a woman who becomes trapped in an old coal mine. Players are then forced to complete a variety of puzzles and mazes while defeating monsters along the way. For those who beat the game, Killswitch would show a white screen that indicated the escape from the coal mine right before deleting the program. Furthermore, the myth states that the game only had 5,000 copies leaving it tough to determine if this was actually a real video game or not.

#8 Madden curse

Initially, the Madden series only featured John Madden on the cover, but that changed in 1998 when the game started to use different popular NFL athletes. The problem was that for the most part, every athlete who makes it on the cover of Madden tends to get severely injured or holds a poor performance during the following season. While it could be a coincidence, the number of athletes to have been affected by this supposed “curse” may beg to differ.

#7 Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Shadow People

If you went through Super Mario Galaxy 2 then chances are you may have noticed a couple eerie figures on top of the mountain in the Shiverburn Galaxy level. It’s really uncertain as to what these figures are or their purpose. Cracking open the game files, the textures are noted as “HellValleySkyTree” and from that, we can suspect that these creatures are actually just alien trees. However, most argue that these figures are anything but a typical tree.

#6 Polybius

Polybius is a mystery arcade machine that may or may not have existed. The legend goes that an arcade machine by the name of Polybius was tested in a limited market that caused players to become psychoactive. Apparently, the machine would often be serviced by men in black before it was pulled completely and never saw again. Some say that the machine was used in order to test a government experiment.

#5 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Bigfoot

The Bigfoot sightings is a popular mystery to run with both in real life and in video games. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the mystery of a Bigfoot sighting in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Back when the game released, there were numerous reports of players claiming to have witnessed the creature lurking around the woods. This resulted in a variety of supposed tricks and tips to find the creature, though if the creature actually does exist in the game remains to be seen.

#4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Bug Jars

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game is pretty massive and there are all sorts of quests along with items to uncover. With that said, there is a mysteries item set that has left players still wondering what the developers were trying to do. Throughout the game, players can come across jars with a bug inside and likewise, the lid to these jars will have an odd symbol. No one is really certain as to what these items are for and for all we know, the jars could have been left in there for an unused quest.

#3 Far Cry 5 – Creepy Radio

Far Cry 5 is another big open world video game for players to roam within. Likewise, the game features vehicles with radio stations to enjoy while traversing from one area to the next. However, one player managed to come across a creepy static radio station which sounds like a person being tortured or in need of emergency help. The radio station static happens in various areas but can quickly be lost which has started an online scavenger hunt in order to find out just what the static message is leading players towards. As of writing this article, no solution or connection to a quest has been found.

#2 Grand Theft Auto V – Mount Chiliad

The Grand Theft Auto series has had its fair share of mysteries and Easter eggs for players to uncover. However, one mystery that still remains unsolved is Mount Chiliad from Grand Theft Auto V. This is the largest mountain in San Andreas where there are a variety of symbols scattered about. We’re still uncertain what the symbols found on Mount Chiliad means. Could this be such a well-hidden Easter egg that players are still left trying to find or are it material that was meant for a campaign DLC that never released?

#1 World of Warcraft – Children of Goldshire

MMORPG video games have a lot for players to take in with World of Warcraft being one of these biggest titles of the genre. However, one thing that developers seemed to have added to leave players guessing is the Children of Goldshire. This is a reference to a group of six children who can be found within Goldshire and at times Elwynn Forest. The children will run to specific spots in the game and stay in a formation that resembles a pentagram. Likewise, the children are all silent before returning to their home at 7:40 AM. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a means of interacting with the children leaving players guessing as to what their purpose is within the game and lore.