Radical Heights: How To Fix FPS, Green Flickering & Errors | PC Optimization Guide

Radical Heights is still in Early Access, and it shows — this game is a dumpster fire on most PCs. It doesn’t run great, even in the best of circumstances. This game aims to be the next great battle royale multiplayer shooter, and if you want to join in on the fun, it helps to have a consistent FPS. Here’s everything we know (so far) about many of the reported issues — including C++ errors, green screens, flickering and drastic dips in FPS.

Radical Heights is, essentially, a Fortnite / PUBG clone — you dive into a massive map and shoot it out with other players, hunting down weapons while trying to survive until you’re the last man standing. What sets Radical Heights apart is the cash system. You can collect money to purchase weapons, or save cash for later so you can start off with more at the start of a future round. It’s also free to play, so giving it a few rounds can’t hurt. Let’s make optimization a little less of a hassle.

PC Optimization Guide

These tips are designed for advanced PC users, and may cause problems for your version of Radical Heights if you make any changes the game doesn’t like. This may require changing config file settings — as always, use these tips at your own risk! But, mostly everything should be okay.


How To Improve FPS – Disabling Shadows / Bloom

FPS can be painfully low on certain systems, there are lots of ways to help, but one of the quickest methods to instantly gain 15-40 FPS instantly is disabling shadows and bloom.

  • In-game, press tilde [~] to open the console. Type the following commands and press enter.
    • r.shadowQuality = 0
    • r.bloomQuality = 0
  • These commands will lower shadow and bloom quality to zero, effectively disabling both.

If the console isn’t working for you, you can also disable shadows / bloom through the config file. The appdata folder is naturally hidden, so make sure all folders in C: (or D:, or wherever your game is installed) are visible.

  • Find your installation folder, usually located here:
    • C:\Users\[USERPC]\AppData\Local\RadicalHeights\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
  • Open the file “scalability.ini” with a text editor. Paste the following and save:
  • Open the file “Engine.ini” with a text editor. Paste the following and save:
    • [/script/engine.renderersettings]
    • r.bloomQuality = 0

How To Improve FPS – Using The Steam Console

The Steam launch properties tab can be used to help improve FPS in a variety of different ways, depending on your circumstances.

  • To use ‘Launch Options’ -> Right-click Radical Heights and select “Properties”
  • Click “Set Launch Options” and copy / paste then click OK.

There are multiple commands you can use. Try to find the command that best fits your system. You can stack multiple commands — disable the last two commands if the game doesn’t open properly on your system.

  • -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system

If your graphics card does not support DirectX 11, use the next command. If the game does not begin properly, use the second command listed below.

  • -force-d3d9
  • -sm4

How To Improve FPS – Disable Windows 10 Game DVR

Windows 10 will naturally capture footage sometimes — to disable it, follow the instructions below. This may increase your FPS.

  • Search for “Games” in the Windows search bar.
  • Go to “Games” and disable everything in the “Games” tab.
  • In the “DVR” tab, disable everything.
  • Go to the “Game Mode” tab and enable.

How To Fix Green Flickering

There are two common fixes for green flickering in the early access version of Radical Heights. This is a common problem with the colors in the game, and it can be really, really annoying. Here’s how to avoid it.

  • Play the game in Borderless Windowed mode. [Not ideal.]
  • Or, if you have an Nvidia graphics card, open your Nvidia Control Panel.
    • Go to Desktop -> Use Nvidia Colors

How To Run 1080p Fullscreen 

If you’re struggling to get the game to run fullscreen at 1080p resolution, there’s a way you can force the game to load at this resolution through Steam.

  • Right-click Radical Heights -> Go to “Properties” -> Set Launch Options -> Add the following line and press “Ok”.
    • -fullscreen -w <1920> -h <1080t>

Cannot Find ‘MSVCP140.dll’ Error Fix

To fix this weird issue, you just need to download the latest version of Visual C++.