PUBG: How To Get Invited Into The New 4x4km Map | SAVAGE Early Access Guide

Codename: Savage, a brand new map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is getting ready for a worldwide debut. The map is about half the size of the previous two — designed to be a tighter, more intense map, suited better for hardcore players looking to immediately dive into the action. From the ground up, this is a different kind of map for PUBG.

If you want to get into the closed beta, you’ll need to already own a copy of the game for the invite codes to work. There are plenty of places you can grab information on the scheduled beta tests (listed below), so keep scrolling to see how you can get a sneak peak into the very, very early version of this still-under-construction map.

SAVAGE Early Access Guide

To sign up and (maybe) get a key for the new CODENAME: SAVAGE map’s experimental test server, you’ll need to head on over to this site: HERE.

  • If you can’t get an invite key, continue to check back in the coming weeks. New keys and slots will be added.
    • Follow PUBG on Facebook [HERE] or Twitter [HERE] for instant updates and info.
    • Check out new updates / announcements on the official PUBG forums.

You can also follow updates on the Feedback thread on the PUBG reddit here. You’ll find updates on the closed test server, test window times, and more.

  • If you acquire a code, you’ll have to apply it through Steam. The Closed Beta is only accessible for PC players.
    • In your Steam library, left-click “+ ADD A GAME” and select “Activate a Product on Steam…”

The new map is still under construction, so it is partially unfinished. Test times are scheduled before you can play, and larger groups will be invited for future test runs — the better the map is, the more people will be invited, so keep checking back on that website after see a scheduled time to get an invitation code. If you’re lucky!

The rest of us will have to just wait until the full public release planned for later this year.