PUBG Mobile: What’s New (& What’s Different) On iOS & Android

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the battle royale game that sparked a trend that’s currently still in the process of exploding and expanding, has finally release on Mobile in the United States — and it’s totally for free.

Like in the original version, you’ll have to survive on the Russian-themed map Erangel, scavenging equipment and armor while fighting opponents with a variety of realistic weapons. Every server will feature 100 players, and you can play with friends in teams go solo.

The game is described as a “faithful recreation” — fully featured for a mobile version, with just a few of the tertiary options removed. We’ll go over everything that’s in the game (and everything that’s been cut) in the quick guide below.

PUBG Mobile | What’s New & Different

Download PUBG on iOS here, or get PUBG on Android here. PUBG on iPhone requires iOS 6 or above. Depending on your Android phone, you’ll be able to select three different levels of detail — Low, Medium, or High.

  • New or Altered Features:
    • Digital, touchscreen controls.
    • More bots. If you’re doing well early, it’s probably because there are so, so many bots.
      • Defeat bots to rank up. Once you’ve ranked up enough, you’re more likely to join servers with real players.
    • Weapon Aim Assist
    • New rank system. Start at Bronze V and rank up.
    • New events, challenges, and daily log in rewards.
    • Server ping display.
    • In-game chat.
    • Surround sound audio.
    • Coming Soon!
      • New Game Modes: Shotguns Only, Snipers Only, Melee Only, Pistols Only, Fully Armed Mode, Speed Battlefield Mode
      • Vehicle Track
      • Shooting Range

Along with the new or altered features, there are also some cuts to the feature list. Shockingly, they’re pretty minor compared to what’s being added, and what’s already in the game. In many ways, the mobile version is much more fully-featured than the actual game — although the mobile limitations are obviously extremely severe.

  • Cut Features:
    • Only features Erangel — Miramar and the proposed 2nd / 3rd map are not available.
    • No custom servers.
    • No mod support.
    • No private servers.
    • No killcam. [Later updates are confirmed to include a version of killcam.]
      • Spectating is supported.
    • No in-game replays.