Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality First Impressions: Smart and Intuitive Puzzles Paired With the Show’s Humor, Almost Knocks it Out of the Park

Game:  Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality

Publisher: Adult Swim Games

Developer: Other Ocean / Owlchemy Labs

Reviewed: PlayStation VR

Rick and Morty is undoubtedly one of pop cultures biggest trends as of late. It has captured a wide audience which catapulted it into the field of the Family Guys and the Simpsons adult cartoon genre.

It’s witty humor, an ensemble of likable characters, and unique take on its world is truly different from recently released cartoons. So there is really no surprise that they would get a full-fledged game at some point, but not a lot would have guessed it would have been a VR title.


Back in 2017, Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality released on the PC via the HTC Vive. The game which was once exclusive to the platform has now made its way to the PS4 via PSVR. The game centers around you guessed it, Rick and Morty. You play as a cloned version of Morty that Rick created to complete mundane tasks like doing the laundry. filling potions and whatnot.

The title is brought to us by the same developers who made the whacky and intuitive title, Job Simulator. That means the game is in good hands because their previous title was absolutely phenomenal; from the head and motion capture to the activities players can do – it was truly a VR title to experience.

Now you take that winning formula and apply Rick and Morty’s cast of characters, world, and terminology, and you have a huge success on your hands. Thankfully the voice of our recognizable heroes are present and Justin Roiland nails it. Looking at Morty in a 3-dimensional space is truly something.

There was plenty of times that I just watched the two have a conversation about how I wasn’t completing the relatively easy task at hand and couldn’t help but crack up. Some of the jokes don’t land, but for the most part, if you’re a fan of the show, you will have a good laugh here and there. The game is also filled with references from the show, Mr. Meeseeks is here, Ricks makeshift lab in the garage, and the just simply the dialogue between Rick and Morty.

There is an overlying plot that players will experience while playing the game, however, it is nothing to write home about. The game basically consists of puzzles and little things to do in different locations. Similiar the Job Simulator developer Owlchemy upped their game when it came to the problem-solving puzzle throughout the game.

One major problem that faces this title is the head and motion tracking. It’s actually quite appalling how bad it is especially since Jobs Simulator worked so fluently. There are times that you cant reach items, when the camera angle is fixed in one direction, and other problems that take you out of the immersive world.

Hopefully, a patch will be integrated into the game soon because it desperately needs it. That might be the sole main reason for the title. At this point and time, we are accustomed to having a short VR story so there’s no surprise there; the game is filled with smart puzzles and is filled with references from the iconic show. The biggest statement that could come out of this first impressions is that you will need to be a Rick and Morty fan to find enjoyment in the game.

Its fun for someone who has no idea what the show is about, but the layers and layers the game is filled with needs to be appreciated by a fan of the show. Therefore, if you are not a fan of the show, I will say skip it until either a price drop or a much-needed patch. If you are a fan of the show, the game works well enough to keep you entrained with its short story and will have you cracking up.

So now that the game is available on the PSVR, will any of you be picking up the game? Have you tried it on PC? Let us know what you think in comments down below!