Sea of Thieves: How To Kill The Kraken | Giant Monster Guide

The diabolical Kraken is absolutely real in Sea of Thieves — and it can wreck up your ship fast if you’re not ready for a fight. This bizarre sea monster will randomly appear while exploring the vast oceans, and it does not like salty sea dogs at all. In fact, it wants to sink your ship and eat your crew. That isn’t so awesome, so let’s talk about how to actually destroy this thing.

The Kraken of ye olde pirate myth doesn’t quite fit with the depiction in Sea of Thieves. Sure, the Kraken wants to tear apart pirate ships and eat people, but the methods are kind of skewed. This Kraken isn’t just a giant octopus or squid — it has mouths on each tentacle, ready to swallow players whole. You’ll want to ready the cannons and grab your cutlass, because here’s how you can kill the Kraken.

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How To Kill The Kraken | Giant Monster Guide

The oversized Kraken introduces itself with a giant black spot in the sea. If you see a black spot of ink, then you know it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for a big naval brawl. The giant tentacles rising out of the water are a pretty good indicator too.

The Kraken attacks in two ways — it will wrap a tentacle around your ship, or it will grab players and try to swallow them whole.

To fight the Kraken, start loading your cannons and firing at the incoming tentacles. Tentacles will appear around your ship, then slowly approach from all angles. Shooting the tentacles will slow them down, but it won’t defeat them — it’s better to focus on one tentacle at a time. Tell your crew to target a specific tentacle, blasting it with cannon balls until the thing sinks back into the water.


To counter the Kraken’s other attacks, you’ll want to draw your melee saber. When the Kraken wraps a tentacle around the ship’s hull, it’s time to start swiping with your sword. Cut the tentacle until it lets your ship loose! The more players doing it, the better — if you’re caught by a tentacle, or the tentacle tries to suck you into its gaping maw, draw your sword and slash until you’re free. One or two sword strikes should help you escape, even if you’ll be stuck in the water.

Don’t stay in the water too long! Sharks like hunting pirates that hang out at sea, even when there’s a Kraken. There’s no need to check underwater for the Kraken. The large black ink spot makes it impossible to dive, but there’s really nothing to see — the Kraken, in its current form, is just a collection of modeled tentacles.

And that’s how to take down the Kraken! While you’re in the water, you can actually continue to attack the base of the tentacle with your sword to directly damage it. Not that a cannon ball can’t do the job just as well.