Owlboy First Impressions: A Perfect Title for the Nintendo Switch

Game: Owlboy

Publisher: D-Pad Studio

Developer: D-Pad Studio

Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Owlboy originally released back in 2016 bringing gamers a unique experience and a heartfelt story of a band of misfits. Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, I thought to myself that Owlboy would be a prime candidate for the console, and here we are a couple of years later.

If you have yet to play Owlboy on PC PS4, or Xbox, then you’re in luck because the Nintendo Switch version of the game is perhaps the ultimate experience for the title. It brings over the great story, unique gameplay mechanics, and beautiful art style of the game over perfectly. Plus with the Switch’s ability to take on the go, Owlboy sessions can go even longer.

But let’s get into the details about the game!

The protagonist of Owlboy is named Otus, a mute owlboy in training. Players will come to learn that Otus isn’t as skilled as the other elder owls as he struggles with the bare basics. So this is where the developers D-Pad Studio managed to create a thoughtful way to introduce the buddy mechanic.

The buddy mechanic is where the gameplay really kicks in, as mentioned before, Otus can only do the bare basics such as fly, jump, and spin. But when Otus meets up with his friends they will be able to pick up the slack for our hero.

This is where the game has players choosing strategically who to bring out and which friend will help solve the current situation. Boss battles will also make use of this mechanic, figuring out which way to attack the boss will take a little thinking, making the aftermath much more rewarding.

Puzzles throughout the open Metroidvania style levels are also very rewarding, giving players more to do than just fly around and jump from platform to platform.

Similiar to indie titles like Shovel Knight, Axiom Verge, and Night in the Woods, D-Pad Studio managed to create their own unique style of game. Visually, the game looks amazing. If you like the new era of the Hi-Bit style of graphics, Owlboy will be right up your lane. Each of the semi-large open areas to explore have their own design and feel to it, allowing the player to never get too accustomed to one area.

Complimentary to the visuals, Owlboy also has its own distinct music flavor. When exploring a new area, fighting against boss battles, or just watching a cutscene, the music adds a layer of greatness to the game.

Owlboy is a fantastic indie title that mashes Metroidvania, twin-stick shooters, and the platformer genre together seamlessly while also adding a deep meaningful story. Owlboy is the complete package, especially with its asking price of $24.99, it’s hard to say no to picking up this game.

Have you played Owlboy?Are you going to be picking it up on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.