The 10 Best Female Protagonists of All Time

Best Female Protagonists

tomb raider

Last year the EEDAR looked at shooters, RPGs, and action games to see how well diversity in gender was in games. Of the 669, fewer than 300 gave the option to play as either male or female lead. Of those, only 24 games had exclusively female protagonists. Here are our picks for the 10 best female protagonists.

There are lots of games that showcase great female characters, but a game that casts the lead role to a woman without objectifying or sexualizing her is rare. These are women who take the mantle up of hero in their game. They aren’t sidekicks, they aren’t non-playable characters you’ll meet part-way through or have a conversation with. These are women you’ll see grow and develop over the course of their games, making them stand out as some of the most memorable and best female protagonists.