Dragon Ball FighterZ: Performing a Dramatic Finish | Tips & Tricks Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest video game installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. The video game narrative follows a revived Android 16 who is in control of an army of Super Androids that take the shape of our beloved Z Fighters. Now the real Z Fighters will have to stop this Super Android army, the revived Android 16 along with a brand new Android 21 character.

Dragon Ball FighterZ does come with a few Easter Eggs or otherwise known as Dramatic Finishes for players can go through. If you’re looking to trigger one of these Dramatic Finishes then let us lend a helping hand. Here’s how to activate a Dramatic Finish and the requirements needed beforehand.

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How To Perform Dramatic Finish

One of the interesting aspects that the developers over at Arc System Works tossed into Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Dramatic Finish, which gives players a small little Easter Egg to watch. Essentially, with a specific stage and characters selected in a battle, players can trigger a Dramatic Finish to start a small animation that oftentimes shares past events from the anime series.

Step #1

As mentioned, to start things off, you’re going to need a specific stage and character roster to even have the ability to trigger the Dramatic Finish.

Step #2

When you have the selected characters and stage, the goal is then changed to destroying the stage itself. This is done by performing a level three super on an opponent.

Step #3

With the stage destroyed and your selected characters are left, simply perform a neutral heavy attack. This will trigger the Dramatic Finish scene to play in full.