Dragon Ball FighterZ: How To Unlock Android 21 | Game Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest video game installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. The video game narrative follows a revived Android 16 who is in control of an army of Super Androids that take the shape of our beloved Z Fighters. Now the real Z Fighters will have to stop this Super Android army, the revived Android 16 along with a brand new Android 21 character.

[Note: We’ll continue to update this article when the game officially launches on January 26, 2018.]

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How To Unlock Android 21

The main antagonist in Dragon Ball FighterZ in Android 21 who is a new character introduced into the franchise with the video game. Not too much information is known about the Android quite yet, but we’ll update this post upon the game launch date.

For now, we understand that there are two forms for Android 21 which is a good and evil form, likewise, the character will apparently be unlockable once players complete the game narrative campaign.

  • Hungry Beam
    • Transform people into food which will regain health.
  • Absorption
    • Absorbs character clones.
  • Connoisseur Cut
    • Absorbs energy from opponent and can use four moves from an opponent move set.
      • Solar Flare
      • Kahmehameha
      • Homing Energy Blast
      • Ki Blast Rush
      • Barrier
      • Instant Transmission
  • Angry Explosion
    • Regains health and delivers massive power attack but only available in Evil  form.
  • Hors d’Oeuvre Stab
    • Deliver a ground strike.
  • Total Detonation Ball
    • Deliver strong Ki energy blast.
  • Photon Wave
    • Beam of energy blast attack that explodes once it touches the ground.
  • Excellent Full Course
    • Unleash a fury of combo hits against your opponent.
  • Regeneration

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