Dragon Ball FighterZ: How To Summon Shenron | Game Guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ, developed by Arc System Works, is the latest installment to the Dragon Ball franchise. Much like previous installments, FighterZ is a fighting title where players can go head-to-head against characters from the anime franchise or against players online.

Overall, the game allows players to build up a team of three characters that can be swapped at any time. The narrative will follow Goku with his friends in a new battle against Android 16 who was revived and is control of an army of androids.

Within the game, players are able to summon Shenron through the use of Dragon Balls. However, just like the anime and manga series, in order to summon Shenron, players will have to collect seven Dragon Balls, all of which can be unlocked after completing a specific task.

The tasks are similar within the game as each Dragon Ball will be unlocked after completing a certain number of combo hits.

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How To Summon Shenron

Note: Every character can unlock a Dragon Ball and they are not tied to any character in particular. Players will be able to swap characters to continue earning Dragon Balls.

  • 1 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 10 hit combo
  • 2 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 20 hit combo
  • 3 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 30 hit combo
  • 4 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 40 hit combo
  • 5 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 50 hit combo
  • 6 Star Dragon Ball
    • At least 60 hit combo
  • 7 Star Dragon Ball
    • ¬†At least 70 hit combo

Currently, there are only four wishes that a player can request when the collect all seven Dragon Balls.

  • Bring Back My Ally
    • This will revive a fallen teammate with only half of their HP.
  • Restore My Health
    • Restores full HP.
  • Give Me The Ultimate Power
    • Fills super meter up to 7 bars.
  • Make Me Immortal
    • Restores portion of HP and slowly fills Super gauge.

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