Hands On With Secretlab’s Omega 2018 & Throne 2018

There are so many elements that are tossed into a gaming experience. For instance, if you’re a PC gamer then you are well aware of the constant tinkering of your build to ensure it’s up to par with whatever the video game genre you thrive best on. Likewise, you’ll often get flooded with a wide variety of accessories for both consoles and the PC platform.

The point I’m getting at is that most of us are probably guilty of making upgrades and improvements to our gear before we make improvements on what directly affects us. Not only do I enjoy sinking in plenty of hours gaming but I have an office-type job which requires a good amount of sitting down and typing away on a computer.

I’ve quickly learned to not skimp out on seating. A good chair will make a night and day difference in not only productivity but also enjoyment during your time gaming away, believe me, your behind and back will thank you for spending a bit of money towards a nice seat. Thus, when Secretlab, a company we’re well familiar with, came out with new editions of their beloved gaming chair models, the Omega and Throne, I couldn’t wait to see how they hold up.

Just as I mentioned above, Secretlab has provided us in the past with their gaming chair arsenal. We have previously checked out their Titan and previous Omega model. We’ve given both models an Editor’s Choice stamp of approval and as such, I had some high expectations for these models once arrived.

I’m going to start things off with the shipment itself. Both boxes are relatively large and heavy and that bleeds a bit into the overall process of putting these chairs together. You’ll likely want a second set of hands, though putting it together completely on your own is doable, it’s just going to be more of a strain.

Both boxes came with about five sections. The bottom cushion already came with the arms installed, then you have the backrest, an aluminum wheelbase, two incredibly soft velour pillows, and lastly, a box of accessories. Furthermore, each box contains a massive thick laminated sheet with full colored images and instructions. The instructions are clear and easy to understand but if you’re ever stuck, Secretlab offers a link to watch an instructional video on how to put everything together.

I particularly enjoyed how everything was packaged. The chair was neatly and orderly packed with even a small box of accessories keeping parts such as included tools and wheels tucked safe inside during shipping.

Besides the weight of these chairs making the installation process a bit difficult on your own, I’ve only come across one small issue on each chair and its one I’ve expected to be dealing with. Putting the backrest on the chair is a bit tedious, but that’s the case for every chair I’ve ever put together. It’s best to go slow and take your time placing the four screws when connecting the backrest. With that said, I did come across some extra leather fabric that was not completely cut out for the screw placements. As a result, I had to make a small cut to remove the fabric completely.

This is certainly no deal breaker by any means, but it may be worth doing a quick inspection before you attempt to screw the backrest to the bottom cushion.


Both the Omega 2018 and the Throne 2018 offer’s Secretlab’s Prime PU Leather, along with adjustable height and recline functionalities. Additionally, both offer what Secretlab calls 4D armrests which may be a bit confusing from the name alone.

With the 4D armrests, owners will be able to make several adjustments. You’ll be able to raise the armrests up, bring them forward or backward, slide them in and out, along with tilting them in a more comfortable direction. This is a major plus if you’re needing the chair to wheel into your desk or perhaps raising them up to rest your arms during gameplay.

There are some feature differences however between the two chairs. The Omega 2018, for instance, comes with two levers on each side of the chair to adjust the chair height along with locking or unlocking the free tilt back whereas the Throne 2018 only has the one lever to make the adjustments. You will find that both chairs, however, has a dedicated lever to adjust the tilt level of the backrest.


Out of pure opinion, the Omega 2018’s design offers a more office style look. The design and curves are not too defined or loud as the Throne 2018. They definitely don’t feel as if they are two completely different manufacturing chairs from a first glance, but after a moment’s notice, you will clearly see the differences in shape and design.

It’s worth noting that Secretlab does leave their branding clearly visible on both the back and front of their chairs. You’ll find embroidery that will state the chair model along with their Secretlab name, the color of the embroidery will be determined by the overall color design choice you select.

If you’re coming from the previous model of either the Omega or Throne, you’ll find that the latest models come with some upgrades in both the construction and hydraulics. Secretlab has included inner cold-cured foam along with a class 4 hydraulic piston.

Determining just which chair is right for you may come down to a few other factors outside of design and features.


The Omega 2018 will seat those who are between 5’3” to 5’9” whereas the Throne 2018 is recommended for those who are between around 4’9” to 5’3”. Similarly, the duo also comes with some recommended max weight so in this case, the Omega 2018 can support up to 240lbs while the Throne 2018 can hold up to 220lbs.

If you still need something a bit bigger and can hold a bit more weight you’ll be glad to know that Secretlab has you covered. The company also serves up a larger seat known as the Titan and we’ve reviewed this chair in the past, you can read about our review of the Secretlab Titan right here.

All-in-all, Secretlab really delivers with their line of chairs. My time with both chairs has been fantastic. Neither chair has lost its support or functionality and its just as comfortable as the day these chairs shipped in. You’ll find either choice to be comfortable, loaded with features to make an adjustment that will meet your liking, and of course, there are plenty of design color choices to choose from.

We’re not surprised to give Secretlab another Editor’s Choice stamp of approval. If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, it would be amiss to not consider their lineup. Secretlab has the Omega 2018 listed for $440 and the Throne 2018 at $390 on their official website.

Full Disclosure: Units were provided for purposes of this review.