Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Great Plateau

Table of Contents – Great Plateau EX Shrines

Ruvo Korbah Shrine – A Major Test of Strength


The third shrine is located in the field south of the Temple of Time. Watch out for the Bokoblin riders! Use your bow to knock the riders off their mounts, and if you’re caught, just hide until your enemies come looking for Link, then you can strike from cover.

The trial here is a combat trial against an especially tough Ancient — he can kill you in one hit, but you can kill him in one hit, too! Use your shield to block his eye-blasts, get in close, and swipe once to end the first part of this trial. As always, when the Ancient Guardian is destroyed, the gate to the altar will unlock. Collect your treasure and talk to the altar — but there is no altar! Instead, step on the button.

The platform in the center of the shrine will lower. Glide down and go left — the underground passages are protected by even more Ancient Guardians. Fight through the Guardians to reach a chest with a Small Key.

  • Optional Chest #1: Hidden in a passage beneath the Small Key chest. Go through the path to the left — the chest contains a rare Giant Ancient Core.

Through the small key door, you’ll encounter a trio of Guardians. These are pretty weak — to avoid taking a cheap hit, just use your bow to destroy them all from cover. Aim for the blue eye and you can quickly kill them, one at a time, with any standard bow.

Destroy all three and the gate to the altar will open.