Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Great Plateau

Table of Contents – Great Plateau EX Shrines

Rohta Chigah Shrine – Stop to Start


The next shrine is located on a hill near the Eastern Abbey, guarded by a small army of Lizalfos. All Lizalfos carry bows — you can take them on with bows of your own, but it’s safer to sneak around to the top of the hill and pick them off from below.

In this shrine, you’ll see a bed of spikes ahead — use the metal platforms to get across with Magnesis.

  • Optional Treasure: Use the large crate to climb up to the back-right corner of the first spike area. The chest contains a Forest Dweller’s Shield.

Next, you’ll need to navigate gears that spin toward walls of spikes. Use Stasis on the second gear, then use Stasis on the moving conveyor belts to make the narrow path of spikes easier to run through. At the long path ahead, you’ll need to use the glider and dodge three moving spike balls — I recommend using Stasis on the third spiked ball.

The last challenge is the trickiest. Press the button, and a wall of spikes will slowly chase Link down a long passage. Spikes will launch from the corners — just take your time. Use Stasis on the stone blocks to slow down the wall of spikes, giving you more time to carefully dodge the spikes that jump out of the walls.