Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – EX Shrines Guide | Great Plateau

Table of Contents – Great Plateau EX Shrines

Yowaka Ita Shrine – Collected Soul


Defeat the Bokoblins located around the fallen tree trunk encampment in the Forest of Spirits to make this shrine appear.

Inside the shrine, dodge the spiked balls down the nearby ramp, and take note of the empty receptacle near the altar with the closed gate — down below, use Magnesis on the bowl-shaped object, and look right.

A series of balls continuously tumble down the ramp to the right. Your goal is to collect the tiny glowing orange ball with the bowl and take it back to the starting area without dropping it or dying. You can also collect a large orange ball to unlock the nearby door.

  • Optional Treasure #1: Get the Phrenic Bow from the chest near the large orange ancient ball receptacle.
  • Optional Treasure #2: One chest spawns at the bumper-launcher. If you can catch it, that treasure is available to collect.

After catching the small orange orb, remove it from the bowl and carry it through the spiked obstacle ramp. If you want to make things safer, you can grab the metal spiked balls with Magnesis and place them on flat ground. They’ll stop respawning if you do that.

Place the orb in the receptacle at the start of the shrine to unlock the altar door.