Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Walkthrough | Chapter 1: Encounters

There’s a lot to wrap your head around in the introductory chapter of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. On the main story walkthrough, we’re here to provide a helping hand throughout the main story.

It’s a big, beautiful world out there, and we’re going to tackle every single chapter. Join Rex and his crew of salvagers before the story really even begins — Chapter 1 is essentially an extended tutorial, leading up to a dungeon exploration section.

The dungeon itself is full of traps and lots of extra treasure troves for your temporary party to uncover. It isn’t until Chapter 2 that the game really begins, but there’s a lot to learn before you can play around with permanent party members. Put on your diving mask, because it’s time to sink or swim in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Walkthrough | Chapter 1: Encounters

After a short tutorial battle, you’ll enter the game proper when Rex arrives at the bustling port to start his salvaging journey.



Goldmouth Port is a big place, and it’s a location you’ll want to visit a few times as your adventures progress. First of all, you’ll want to take note of the large “!!” icon on your compass — that’s your Main Objective. You’ll also see this icon in the game world, but you may have to navigate the environment to reach it.

  • Objective #1:  Visit Melolo at the Central Exchange

The first objective is totally simple. Just talk to Melolo at the “!!” icon and you’ll earn a fancy stack of cash. You’ll get 200G for your trade,

  • Objective #2 / #3: Explore Argentum / Accept the Chairman’s Summons

This objective isn’t too obvious — just leave the Central Exchange and Rex will be accosted by the Chairman’s goons. Easy as pie — just go upstairs through the Argentum Bazaar and enter the open office with the red door. The Chairman offers Rex a job with 100,000G advance payment! Now you can really enjoy yourself on Argentum.

  • Objective #4: Go and talk to Gramps in Goldmouth Return Port

Before leaving on your mission, talk to Gramps — you know, that giant boat Rex lives on — in Goldmouth Return Port. Now that you’re flush with cash, it’s a good idea to check out the many, many vendors in this area (not that you can purchase anything, yet). You might also want to talk to any characters with a “!” speech bubble. They usually have rumors or tips that will help in your adventures.

Main Story Quest: Big Job Preparations

Before Rex can leave for the big job, you’ll need to spend some cash to prepare for the voyage ahead. To do that, open the main menu and tab over to the Quest Log — here you can select Main Story Quests or Regular Quests. Think of quests that aren’t part of the main story as side-quests, and you can set different quests to get waypoints. You don’t need a quest selected to complete it, but it helps!

  • Objective #1: Buy an Abyss Vest at Shynini’s Accessories

Go find Shynini below the Chairman’s office in the Bazaar. In the vendor menu, select “Buy” -> “Abyss Vest” and purchase it for 5,000G. Don’t forget to equip it after you buy it! Open the Main Menu -> Characters -> Character Setup -> Accessories to wear it with Rex.

  • Objective #2 / #3: Talk to Melolo at the Central Exchange / Find the Courier

Next up, Rex needs to meet Melolo at the Central Exchange. That’s the same Pon we talked to earlier for a measly 200G payout. Too bad she won’t accept your cash. Off to find a Courier named Max. He’s located past the Bazaar, on the lower floor beneath the Chairman’s office area. Select to send 90,000 to Fonsett Village and keep the remaining 5,000G for yourself.

  • Objective #4: Talk to Rurui on the Salvage Deck / Salvage

Next up, Rex will need to visit Rurui at the Salvage Deck nearby. It’s just past Max, and the little guy in the diving suit will greet you. The Salvage Deck is even home to some enemies, but there’s no need to fight enemies or gain levels this early in the story.

Rurui will give Rex a salvaging cylinder — this allows you to use Salvage Points. Look for large blue hook-shaped icons. Interact with the icon and select a Cylinder. Better quality cylinders will get you better loot, but you’ll use up a cylinder after each use. Press the buttons that appear onscreen and time your press — the closer you are to the center, the better the result. Miss, press the button too soon or too late, and you’ll get less valuable treasure.

Either way, complete the challenge and collect your treasure! There may be an enemy, too. Talk to Rurui when you’re done to collect x3 Normal Cylinders for future salvaging.

  • Objective #5: Buy Food Supplies at Fishy Fishy

Rex needs to stay stocked up on food, so go to the third floor where you’ll find plenty of food stands. Go up through the Bower Lounge and into the Rumbletum Canteen to find the Fishy Fishy vendor. Buy whatever you like! If you purchase just one meal, that’s good enough to complete the quest.

Food supplies will provide buffs and bonuses to Rex and friends in battle for a set duration of time. Before going into a rough fight, try eating some food.

After purchasing food, you’ll need to stop at the Lemour Inn in the corner of the Rumbletum Canteen area on the third floor. It’s always a good idea to stop off at lodgings — sleeping at a lodging allows you to use bonus EXP earned from completing quests or discovering landmarks. You won’t be able to level up and use that EXP without stopping at an inn first! Have a “Short Rest” at the inn for 100G and you’ll be able to level up Rex to Level 3.

Now you can actually use all the stores in Argentum! There’s nothing else you really, absolutely, 100% need — so when you’re done exploring, head to the Goldmouth Exit Dock on the ground floor to continue your journey. Talk to Spraine at the Goldmouth Exit Dock to set off for your big job.

C.S.E.V. Maelstrom

On the ship, you’ll get a chance to talk to your clients before the action begins. It’s a long trip to the location, after all! Find Nia / Dromarch in the Maelstrom Interior, while Jin is up the stairs from the lower deck. Go left before reaching the Maelstrom Deck. That just leaves Malos and Sever at the deck upstairs. After that, use the tall stairs to reach the Crow’s Nest abve the Maelstrom Deck and talk to Monell to start your lookout shift.

  • Objective: Head downstairs to the rendezvous point.

After a cutscene, the actual job is about to begin. Hop down to the lower deck to begin the briefing — and then you’ll get your chance to swap around the party formation. You can only bring three characters at a time. I selected Nia and Malos, but you can also add Jin to your party.

Ancient Ship, Deck

  • Objective #1: Enter the Ancient Ship

Now that your party is formed, it’s time to enter the Ancient Ship. The Ancient Ship is the first “dungeon” of the game, and your first real combat challenge. Combat is a huge part of the game, and every character in your party fights differently. At this point, you can swap characters by placing them in the “#1” slot on your Party Formation screen.

Defeat the Lethal Lysaat King when you approach the entrance! This big monster, and the monsters you’ll encounter later, will attack your party automatically. Rex has two abilities at this point – Sword Bash and Anchor Shot. Use Sword Bash when standing behind an enemy, and use Anchor Shot when you want to heal up — a potion will appear, and when collected, will heal your entire party.

  • Objective #2: Explore the Ancient Ship

The interior of the ancient ship is full of enemies. To help deal with them (and future groups of baddies) it’s a good idea to learn how to Lure. Press [R] to lock-on to an enemy, then press [Down] on the Left Joy-Con to taunt an enemy, luring them away from a group. That way you can defeat enemies one at a time.

  • NOTE: Go upstairs to the Ancient Ship Helm to find a bonus treasure guarded by Rankor Krabbles.

Continue downstairs to progress in the Ancient Ship. In the Mid-Bridge, defeat the Rankor Krabble to collect a treasure trove. On the broken walkways, you can get more treasure with a well-timed jump.

Drop down to Hold #1 and encounter the large group of monsters below. Most of them will ignore you unless you attack first — not so for the Lvl. 3 King Crustip or Lethal Lysaats in the back of the room. Continue down into Hold #2 and fight through the Lethal Lysaats here — don’t miss the treasure trove on the crates to the left. To get it, go upstairs to Hold #1 and fall through the weak grating.

Approach the strange door to encounter a Lvl. 3 Dockle Pagul. Past that, enter the Loading Bay — go through the door on the left and downstairs to find some treasure.

Enter the System Control Room and continue back through the opposite hallway to find an Ether Cylinder and a treasure trove up the stairs. Return to the System Control Room and insert the Ether Cylinder into the compartment to reinitialize power to the Central control panel. Activate it and go through the door down the ramp to encounter your first boss.

BOSS: Lvl. 4 Megalo Aligo

This is the first real battle you’ll encounter, so it’s a good idea to prepare. Before facing the monster, level up your abilities and select items for your item pouch. During the fight itself, remember to let your allies do all the heaving lifting. Stay away from the front of the monster and attack from behind. Use Anchor Shot often — your allies will collect the healing potion that appears automatically.

Also — your auto attack becomes stronger in three-hit combos, essentially empowering all of your attacks. Wait for the third attack in a combo to use your skills to make them more powerful!

When Megalo Aligo is defeated, you’ll enter the secret chamber at the bottom of the Ancient Ship. You’ll find Pyra the Aegis.

  • Objective: Go to the Girl on the Hilltop

After being betrayed by your comrades, Rex appears in a massive grass field. Approach the girl at the top of the hilltop to learn a few things — she’s Pyra, and Rex is now a Driver that can summon special creatures called Blades to help him in battle. And you’ll need her — when Rex wakes up, Jin and Malos will appear on the Ancient Ship Deck and they don’t want you to escape alive.

BOSS: Lvl. 5 Malos 

Rex will reappear as a Driver, with Pyra as his blade. Their bond is represented by a streak of light — when it glows gold, your movement speed will increase and Arts will recharge faster. Affinity increases when you’re close to your Blade, and when your attacks land successfully.

Malos has his own Blade, too! Stay close to Pyra and unleash your attack Arts as often as you can. Pyra will support you with special buffs, and she’ll provide more bonuses as the Trust between Driver and Blade increases.

Specials will also unlock in this battle. Specials are super-powered Arts that are exclusive to Blades — depending on your Blade, you’ll get a different Special. Specials are charged by  using Arts, and unleashing an Art just as you land an auto-attack will increase your Special meter even faster. You can charge Specials up to Level 3 — or unleash them at Level 1.

Use Specials, Arts, and Sword Combos to defeat Malos and complete Chapter 1. The world is about to get a whole lot bigger in Chapter 2.

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