Crysis 3 Weapons Guide

Crysis 3 Typhoon

Aside from the plot, the numerous enemies you face, and the suit you wear, a major focus in Crysis 3 is on the armaments you'll equip throughout the game. The weapons available to you are available in both human and Ceph design, and serve as the most deadly weapons mankind has ever known, or encountered.

The following guide serves as a primer to all the weapons available to Prophet, the game's protagonist, and the attachments you'll be able to configure these firearms with. Many of these weapons can be customized in a wide variety of ways. Assault weapons, for example, can be configured for the barrel, underbarrel, and sighting options.

Additionally, certain weapons have the ability to load different types of ammunition, including incendiary and electro shot. Crates of special ammo can be found throughout the campaign.

Crysis 3 Weapons

Assault Weapons

SCAR Mod 2

Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle
Mode: Select Fire
Rate of Fire: 700rpm
Round Capacity: 40 + 1
Manufacturer: Scrutch Industries

Medium assault rifle; good accuracy and quick reload, it offers a great balance between short and long range combat.


scarab mod

Mk.2 Superior Combat Carbine
Mode: Select Fire
Rate of Fire: 900rpm
Round Capacity: 40 + 1
Ammo: 4mm Sabot Scar
Manufacturer: Scrutch Industries

Compact assault rifle; 40 round magazine with low recoil, a suitable alternative to the SCAR, offering a balanced weapon for close and medium distance combat.


grendel mod
Mk.24 Heavy Assault Rifle
Mode: Select Fire
Characteristics: High Stopping Power
Round Capacity: 24 + 1
Ammo: 6.8mm Hollow-Point
Manufacturer: Lisunov Arms

Heavy assault rifle; semi-automatic with burst fire option, dealing high amounts of damage, but with a smaller magazine size.


Medium Machine Gun
Mode: Full-Auto
Rate of Fire: 550rpm
Round Capacity: 100 Round Ammo Box
Ammo: 7.62×5 1CELL
Manufacturer: Camarillo Solutions

Medium machine gun; fully automatic and deals a high amount of damage. Ideal for medium to long range combat.

FY7 1M

fy7 1m
FY7 1M Export Assault Rifle
Mode: Select Fire
Rate of Fire: 550rpm
Round Capacity: 35 + 1
Ammo: 7.62x39NK
Manufacturer: NK ExportArms

Last-gen light assault rifle; moderate accuracy and quick reload makes this weapon work best in mid-range combat. The low rate of fire allows for very controllable automatic fire and a constant "output".


Alpha Jackal

alpha jackal
Tactical Shotgun
Type: Short Range
Characteristics: High Stopping Power
Round Capacity: 7
Ammo: 12 Gauge Shot
Manufacturer: Bishop Ballistics

Semi-automatic shotgun; deals a high amount of damage with fairly quick reload time, hugely attractive in close quarters combat.


Pump-Action Shotgun
Type: Short Range
Characteristics: High Stopping Power
Round Capacity: 10
Ammo: 12 Gauge Shot
Manufacturer: Corbetta Firearms
Pump-action shotgun; deals a high rate of damage with moderate recoil making it a devastating short range weapon.

Sniper Rifles


dsg 1
Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
Type: Long Range
Characteristics: High Power Precision
Round Capacity: 6 + 1
Ammo: .405
Manufacturer: Camarillo Solutions

Marksman sniper rifle; high accuracy and damage rate. Ideal for players who wish to avoid fire fights and tackle the combat from a distance.

Gauss Sabot Gun

gauss sabot gun
Electromagnetic Anti-Materiel Rifle
Type: High Velocity Sniper
Characteristics: Strong Armor Penetration
Round Capacity: 4 + 1
Ammo: 10mm Solid Slug
Manufacturer: CryNet Systems

Heavy single-shot sniper rifle; its 8-megajoule prototype capacitor bank using solid-state switches and high-energy-density capacitors make this weapon hugely effective for long distance combat.

Sub-Machine Guns


Multi-Barrel Stacked Projectile Gu
Characteristics: Features 10 Separate Barrels. Each Barrel Holds 72 rounds. Reload Replaces All Barrels.
Ammo: 4mm Caseless
Manufacturer: CryNet Systems

Compact rifle/shotgun hybrid; ultra-high rate of fire through usage of ten separate barrels with stacked ammunition. Most effective in CQC.

Feline X3

Submachine Gun
Characteristics: Advanced Bullpup Design
Rate of Fire: 1200rpm
Round Capacity: 60 + 1
Ammo: 4.7mm Compact
Manufacturer: Lank & Lindner

Heavy submachine gun; extremely fast rate of fire coupled with large 60 round magazine makes this a highly effective short range sprayer weapon.

Special Weapons

Predator Bow

Advanced Hunting Weapon
Characteristics: High-Performance Compound Bow. Auto-loader. Adjustable Draw Weight.
Ammo: Variable arrow types
Manufacturer: Nyles Archery

Tactical compound bow with detachable magazine and auto-loader. Can be used with different arrow types. Arrows can be fired while cloaked.


Launcher – Tactical Airburst Grenades
Characteristics: Proximity Fuse
Modes: Mine and Ricochet Fire-Modes
Round Capacity: 5 + 2 Grenade Ammo Box
Ammo: 60mm Smart Grenade
Manufacturer: Anim-Selbach Defense Corp.

Smart grenade launcher; using delayed detonation grenades that deal high amounts of damage, this is a highly versatile indirect fire weapon.


Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter
Characteristics: Continuous Beam. Deploys Weaponized Microwaves. Keep Beam on Target.
Ammo: Battery Powered
Manufacturer: CryNet Systems

Microwave gun; fires continuous microwave heat rays that deal high damage in close quarters and cook enemies inside their armor.


Electrostatic Pellet Gun
Characteristics: Short Circuit Device. Circumvents EMP Shielding.
Round Capacity: 50
Ammo: 6mm Electrostatic Pellet
Manufacturer: CryNet Systems

Rapid fire machine gun' fires sticky pellets that discharge an electrical current for a short period, these can cause accumulative damage if several pellets discharge at the same time.


Majestic 6

Heavy Revolver
Characteristics: High Stopping Power. Short Range.
Round Capacity: 6
Ammo: .50 Compact
Manufacturer: Hood Arsenal

Heavy pistol; deals a devastating amount of damage that compensates for its low rate of fire. This pistol definitely packs a maximum punch a secondary weapon can offer.

Hammer II

hammer 2
Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol
Characteristics: High Stopping Power. Short Range.
Round Capacity: 9 + 1
Ammo: .50 Compact
Manufacturer: Lisunov Arms

Heavy semi-automatic pistol; combining a high amount of damage with quick reload times, this pistol is ideal alongside rapid-fire weapons.

M 12 Nova

m12 nova
Semi-Automatic Pistol
Characteristics: Tactical Sidearm. Short Range.
Round Capacity: 20 + 1
Ammo: 9mm
Manufacturer: Bauer & Kopka

Medium semi-automatic pistol; extremely balanced with a quick reload time. This pistol is a dependable sidearm which compliments any primary weapon in the game.

Heavy Weapons

.50 HMG

50 hmg
Heavy Machine Gun
Characteristics: Strong Armor Penetration
Rate of Fire: 400rpm
Round Capacity: 150 Round Ammo Box
Ammo: .50 HMG
Manufacturer: Schwarz Systems USA

Fully automatic heavy machine gun; with a very high rate of damage and good accuracy, the HMG is ideal for taking out groups of targets over a medium to long range.


Automatic Grenade Launcher
Characteristics: Anti-Personnel Explosive
Rate of Fire: 100rpm
Round Capacity: 60 Grenade Ammo Box
Ammo: 35mm Grenades (HE)
Manufacturer: Schwarz Systems USA

Fully automatic grenade launcher; with a very high rate of damage and moderate accuracy, the AGL is ideal for taking out groups of target sat medium ranges.


M17 Frag Grenade

m17 grenade
High Explosive Fragmentation
Characteristics: Anti-Personnel. High Explosive.
3 Second Fuse
12m Frag Radius
Manufacturer: Ellis Manufacturing

Hand grenade; highly explosive fragmentation that deals a substantial amount of area damage. Extremely effective against groups of enemies and can be used to flush those that are dug-in.


Joint Anti-Tank Weapon
Characteristics: Laser-Guided Missile Launcher. One-Shot Disposable.
Dual Purpose
HEAT Warhead
Manufacturer: Hagerling Ordnance

Anti-tank missile launcher; deals a high amount of area damage, extremely accurate as it follows the player's crosshair until impact when aiming down the sights.

R.E.X. Charge
Remote Explosive Charge
Characteristics: High Explosive. High Yield. Remote Detonation.
Manufacturer: Ellis Manufacturing

High yield explosive charge with remote detonation; deals high level of damage over an area with accumulative damage from multiple charges. Ideal for setting ambushes for the enemy.

Ceph Weapons

Pinch Rifle

Grunt Plasma Rifle
Modes: Full-auto, spread-shot
Round Capacity: 100 (Spread Shot consumes 10)
Ammo: Alien Energy Core

Alien weapon used by Ceph Grunts and Ceph Reavers. CAn be ripped off alien corpses and used until the internal power cell is depleted. Versatile weapon that features both a normal and a spread mode for close range.

Reaper Cannon

reaper cannon
Heavy Minigun
Modes: Continuous Plasma Burst, Super High Rate of Fire
Secondary Fire: Spread Shot
Round Capacity: 500 (Spread Shot consumes 50)
Ammo: Alien Energy Core

Alien weapon that can be ripped off dead Ceph Heavy Units. Fires a continuous burst of plasma bullets over long distances. Features a secondary spread shot mode for close range devastation.

X-PAC Mortar

Explosive Plasma Accelerator Cannon
Characteristics: Alien Heavy Weapon
Modes: 5-Round Burst Fire
Secondary Charge Mode
Round Capacity: 40
Ammo: Plasma Core

Alien weapon that can be ripped off dead Ceph Heavy Units. Can fire either a LOS high-powered plasma missile or launch a burst of weaker indirect fire plasma grenades.


Plasma Thrower
Characteristics: Heat Based Weapon
Modes: Continuous Fire
Secondary Burn Damage
Round Capacity: 300
Ammo: Alien Energy Core

Alien weapon that can be ripped off dead Ceph Scorchers. Unleashes a stream of liquid super hot plasma that sets the target area on fire.

Bolt Sniper

CEPH Anti-Materiel Rifle
Characteristics: Long Range Weapon.
Modes: Single Shot
Secondary Damage
Round Capacity: 8
Ammo: Alien Energy Core

Alien weapon that can be ripped off dead Ceph Shadows. Unleashes a powerful plasma discharge that causes secondary electricity damage around the point of impact. Features a built-in precision scope.