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Star Wars: Battlefront II is a well-known action shooter franchise. The video game is the fourth main installment to the Star Wars: Battlefront series, though it acts as a sequel to the 2015 reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. Unlike the reboot, EA DICE has developed the game to include not only a multiplayer element in the game but a narrative campaign.

The narrative of the video game is based between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, where players take on the role of Iden Versio, a Commander within the Imperial Special Forces commando unit known as Inferno Squad.

Outside of the narrative, there is an arcade mode that gives players the choice between what alliance they wish to play as during various iconic battles, along with multiplayer game modes.

Let us lend a helping hand when it comes to the video game. Take a look at the various guides based on Star Wars: Battlefront II down below.

In this particular guide we’ll offer some useful tips and tricks when it comes to multiplayer gameplay.


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Multiplayer Tips & Tricks


There are a number of abilities to use towards your advantage in the game and we suggest reading through them along with experimenting to see what fits your play style. The early days of Star Wars: Battlefront is long behind us so don’t expect to run out and just gun enemies down.

Instead, players should expect a bit of skill to go into these matches especially with abilities. Understand what your abilities are, how to activate them, and lastly, time your cooldowns. After a few matches, you’ll have a better understanding of when to activate an ability in order to cause the most amount of damage against your enemy.

Get Your Wings

Star Wars: Battlefront II gives players spaceship battles that were missed from the 2015 reboot. Now that these spaceship battles are back, you’ll find that going through these battles can be tricky at first. As a result, we suggest spending more time on getting the controls down just right.

You’ll want to not only learn how to fire at your opponent but also how to maneuver around the debris of space. Don’t be the player that finds themselves constantly crashing into parts of the Death Star wreckage.


It shouldn’t come to much surprise that there is a variety of classes to choose from during matches. These are basic classes that offer a few different means of playing within the game. For instance, you’ll have the Assault, Heavy, Officer, and lastly, the Specialist.


  • Fast
  • Midrange Attacks
  • Shotgun Ability (No Cooldown)


  • Great Defense
  • Portable Turrets
  • Combat Shield
  • Close Attacks


  • Deploy Turrets
  • Great for support
  • Makes Repairs


  • Sniper
  • Deploy Traps
  • Invisible Ability

Battle Points

If you unlocked a few heroes or vehicles then you may find yourself looking to spend Battle Points quickly. However, don’t waste Battle Points after just earning them. This goes along with the abilities point where it’s best to understand what your heroes can bring to the table when selected.

Furthermore, we even have a guide on how to quickly farm more Battle Points if you’re looking to stack up on the points. Check out our how to farm Credits and Battle Points guide right here.

Free Aim

Because of the amount of players in these various multiplayer modes, you shouldn’t expect a slow pace gameplay. Instead, this is an action-packed experience where you’ll need to move consistently while gunning for the enemy or escaping their clutches.

With that said, you should make use of free aiming rather than looking down the attached sights. Sure, you may find yourself zooming into the target for a more precise kill, but the overall game favors the approach of shooting from the hip.

Star Cards

These Star Cards are essentially buffs for your characters and they can make a big difference during game matches. The problem with Star Cards is that they can be a bit difficult to collect as you’ll either find them in Loot Boxes or by crafting them.

Either way, you’ll end up having to spend money on a gamble or playing the game to earn enough crafting materials to create one of the Star Cards. Likewise, these cards are broken down into categories that can be upgraded as you progress in the game. Star Cards should be sought after, but we suggest going the crafting route in order to obtain a specific card.

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