Creative Siege M04 & Vanguard K08 Review

Creative may seem like a slightly odd choice when it comes to gaming PC peripherals. When you think of keyboards and gaming mice, there’s a variety of companies that come to mind such as Razer and Corsair. Over the years, Creative had been known for their audio peripherals such as speakers, amps, and of course, sound cards.

Recently we had the chance to look at their Vanguard K08 and the Siege M04, a gaming keyboard, and mouse that’s worth checking into. For starters, we’ll discuss our time with the Vanguard K08, an RGB filled mechanical keyboard that doesn’t boast the often flooded Cherry MX switches.

The Vanguard K08 will instantly catch your eye simply because of the lighting aesthetics which is laid out under each key, outside of the media keys. Of course, much like other RGB fueled peripherals out in the market today, Creative has supplied software to allow gamers the ability to customize the lighting patterns along with adding a number of preset effects such as a pulsate or wave style of effect.

This is a full keyboard so you’ll not only get the number pad attached but a set of media keys available along with an audio control wheel. Attached to the keyboard is a fairly lengthy 2m braided cable with two USB connectors.

Gamers will find that the two connectors will allow not only the lighting and keyboard to power up but also the USB pass-through. Though the keyboard looks and feels nice, the wrist rest leaves a bit more to be desired. This is a plastic wrist rest that attaches via plastic prongs which could snap over time.

Speaking of gamers, you’ll also find that the Vanguard K08 will have programmable buttons on the left side. There will be a total of five buttons to customize however you see fit.

Unlike common Cherry MX switches, the Vanguard K08 comes with Omron PRES switches that offer a 3.5mm travel distance with activation of just 1.5mm. Likewise, the key presses are not overbearingly loud, but you’re still going to get a good amount of the clicks and clacks of a mechanical keyboard.

Going alongside the mechanical keyboard, Creative also sent over the Sound BlasterX Siege M04, a gaming mouse that goes hand-in-hand with the Vanguard K08. The design of the mouse is intended for right-handed gamers and it’s large enough to comfortably use a palm grip style of attack.

There’s nothing too off the wall with the Sound BlasterX Siege M04. You’ll have the standard left and right click, a scroll wheel, DPI switch, and three buttons on the side, which adds an extra button to make use of while gaming. Out of the box, the extra button acts as a sniper-type feature that drastically lowers the DPI when held down.

Speaking of the DPI, the mouse can go up to 12,000 DPI while the extra third side button lowering the DPI to 200, but again it can be programmed later on through the Creative software.

Furthermore, just as we made mention with the Vanguard K08, the Sound BlasterX Siege M04 gaming mouse also sports plenty of RGB. You’ll find that there will be RGB elements surrounding the mouse, the scroll wheel and even the Creative X logo on the side of the gaming mouse.

Both the Vanguard K08 and the Sound BlasterX Siege M04 offers gamers a nice combination of gaming peripherals for their build. Depending on your palm grip and your mechanical switches peripherals, we definitely suggest looking into Creative’s latest peripherals if you’re out in the market looking for an upgrade or replacement.