5 Ways Publishers Trick You Into Buying Games You Don’t Want

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how publishers make you buy crap games

It’s never a good idea to purchase a game on the day of its release. It’s almost always a waste of money, especially if you have an existing backlog to go through (and let’s not kid ourselves—you do!) before you’ll even have an opportunity to play whatever it is you’re buying.

Being the first to play a new game is a selling point in itself, but unless you’ve a lot of free time, there’s a good chance that the game’s just going to sit on your Steam library for awhile.

Buying a game several months after its release, or waiting for a sale, is a good way to get it at half the price and have more than enough money to go around for something else. Yet even so, there are games that you just want to play right off the bat, and those that you’ll never in a million years consider playing because they are simply of little interest to you.

With that in mind, here are five ways that game publishers trick you into buying games you don’t want to play right away—or ever.