Ys 8: The Lacrimosa of Dana – How To Get the True Ending | Best Ending Guide

Chances are, if you’ve completed Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana, you didn’t get the “True Ending” — the best, longest, and most conclusive of the endings. Depending on your choices and your relationships, you’ll get one of several epilogues after defeating the final boss. Mostly, the more you accomplish in-game, the more ending you’ll earn when it’s all over.

WARNING: The “True Ending” is missable. This is a NO SPOILERS guide, so if you haven’t completed the game and want to know what it takes to earn the True Ending, don’t worry about scrolling down. There won’t be any story spoilers here. 

Keep scrolling to check out the full guide below with all the details you’ll need to unlock the final ending to this incredibly highly rated game. Check out Gameranx’s Ys VIII review right here to see why we think it’s an instant classic.

Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana goes back to basics. Playing as adventured Adol, you and a motley crew of survivors crash land on a mysterious island. With no easy escape, the group bands together to explore the island and uncover the dark truth at its core. Exploring the island requires collecting items, trading materials to upgrade your survivor village, and finding lost crew to expand and unlock new areas to explore. There’s a lot to see and unlock, and helping everyone in the village is the best way to unlock the best possible ending.

How To Get the True Ending | Best Ending Guide

As you play Ys VIII, you’ll be able to improve your relationships in the survivor village. The combined score is called Reputation — your Reputation rank is how you’ll earn different endings. A lower Reputation leads to shorter endings with less resolution.

  • To Get The “True Ending” — Adol must defeat the final bass with Reputation 200.
    • Your reputation only really needs to be at about 196 (On PS4 / PC), but just to be safe, aim for 200.
    • On PS Vita, you’ll only need about Reputation 150.

To earn Reputation, open the side-quest tab to see what missions are available. Each playable character has several side-quests. You can also talk to Dogi and complete his missions for an increased Reputation score.


Some side-quests are timed. Always complete timed-missions when they appear! When the timer stops, you won’t get another chance to complete them. If you skip too many, you may have to restart the game to get the True Ending.

And that’s it. There are still lots of secrets to earn after completing the game. Once you beat the game once, you’ll unlock a new dungeon with a Level 99 boss at the end. Open your map and look for any “?” markers, finish up approval quests, and make everyone in the village happy. The True Ending is really worth the effort!