Valkyria Revolution | Tips and Tricks

Valkyria Revolution Tips and Tricks

Valkyria Revolution is an action RPG spin off of the cult favorite Valkyria Chronicles, but that’s where the similarities end. Revolution trades in strategy for action and modern RPG elements like grinding for money and gear. We wrote a quick tips and tricks guide below to get you started.

Make money, lots of money.

  • The easiest and most efficient way to grind money is to complete Free Missions. These are random, repeatable missions that pop up after doing the game’s introductory quests.¬† Grind these missions over and over while completing as many objectives as possible to maximize the reward.
  • Completing assignments given by Godot at the Vanargand Headquarters is another great way to make money. It’s not as effective as Free Missions but it’s a nice change of pace.
  • Finally, selling any gear or equipment that you don’t plan on using is a great way of making money.

Keep your equipment upgraded.

  • In between missions visit the Warehouse at the Promenade in Jutland to browse new gear. The Warehouse offers pre crafted gear, but taking time required to make custom gear is advised.

Keep your weapons upgraded.

  • If it’s weapons you’re looking for head to Basil’s Factory. Here you can buy both primary and secondary weapons as well as invest research and development into them to unlock their full potential.

Read a book.

  • Valkyria Revolution’s history book isn’t just a throw back to Valkyria Chronicles. Reading it will also unlock potentials for characters, give you some insight into the game’s characters, and reveal more background lore of the game world.

Create flexible party combinations.

  • Valkyria Revolution allows for lots of customization when it comes to your party. Want to complete a mission with speed and agility? Bring more scouts. Bring sappers and shock troopers if you want to see some fireworks. Whether you prefer melee or ranged combat there is a combination out there that fits that style. Play around with characters and skills until you are comfortable with your party and then focus on making them as strong as possible.

Learn the combat system.

  • Attack groups of enemies and then separate and eliminate. Most of the skills in the game are AoE abilities so using them multiple enemies at once is the most efficient use of RP. Then, after getting multiple foes low, pick out the strongest and eliminate them with your strongest single target damage.
  • Dodging and blocking enemies is a crucial part of the game’s combat. Doing so will build up a gauge, allowing you to unleash empowered attacks.
  • Use objects as cover to stop taking damage and allow characters to recover HP or to sneak up on foes and flank them.
  • Use as many consumables as it takes to win. While it’s slightly annoying to re-stock items after every battle it’s a smaller headache than having your party wiped out because you ran out of HP or RP.