Spider-Man: Release Date, Characters, Story | Everything We Know (So Far!)

One of the bigger video game titles shown off during Sony’s E3 press briefing this year was Spider-Man. The video game is currently still in development under Insomniac and its building quite a bit of hype behind it. Though, we’re still eagerly waiting to hear more details about the game.

Regardless, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming Spider-Man title.


We don’t have too many in-depth details about the story so far, though we do know that the game is centered in its own universe. This means there’s no direct link to any of the past material used for Spider-Man likewise there is no connection to any of the Marvel cinematic universes.

From what we know so far in the trailers provided, Spider-Man is up against a gang of enemies known as the Inner Demons who are taking over Kingpin’s territories. While taking out the Inner Demon thugs, Spider-Man learns that the gang is being run by Martin Li who is one of the highly looked upon philanthropist.


Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Developers Insomniac Games has stated that Peter Parker is 23 years old and has just graduated college and working within a career. As such, Peter is well in-tuned with his abilities and has been Spider-Man for nearly a decade within the video game universe.


There’s bound to be plenty of villains within Spider-Man as we’ve already seen Mr. Negative and Kingpin within the trailer. However, it seems that we will see more of the lesser known enemies from the Spider-Man franchise though no villain names were dropped.

Miles Morales

If you enjoy the Spider-Man comic book medium then you’re likely aware of who Miles Morales is. Essentially, this is a teenager who takes on the role of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker and he’s been spotted in the Spider-Man video game trailer.

Because of his appearance, fans of the Spider-Man franchise may have simply assumed the character would only make a brief cameo appearance. Instead, the developers have noted that Miles Morales will play a bigger role within the video game, but because this title is not attached to any of the past Marvel universes, there’s no telling just what role Miles will play.


There have been statements in the past that players will play as Peter Parker through the narrative along with his persona Spider-Man. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any gameplay footage that shows off Peter Parker as himself.

Gameplay footage of Spider-Man shows off what we all likely have expected from the video game title. There is plenty of web-slinging action involved. What may have some gamers concerned is the fact that there were some quick time events that popped up within the gameplay trailer. Just how many quick time events we’ll see in the video game has yet to be stated.

Release Date & Platforms

Currently, there is no specific release date attached to the Spider-Man video game. Instead, the title is slated to launch at some point next year, 2018. The video game will, however, be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform.