Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Story, New Pokemon, Release Date, & More | Everything We Know (So Far!)

This November will make it a full year since developers Game Freak and The Pokemon Company launched their Pokemon Sun & Moon installments for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, after we finally got to witness the Nintendo Direct themed around Pokemon, we have learned that this coming November will not only mark the one year anniversary for the latest 3DS Pokemon installments but also the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.


Unfortunately, during the reveal of the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, we were not giving too many details about the narrative. Instead, it’s been alerted that the video games will give players an alternate story compared to the last year’s releases.

With that said, you’ll likely see some of the similar locations within the Alola region, but that still remains to see just how much of the past locations will make an appearance in the upcoming Pokemon handheld installments.

New Pokemon & Features

It’s been confirmed that there will be brand new Pokemon to discover, catch, and use. However, right now, there are no indications as to what we can expect in particular. That is outside of the two main Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala which were the featured Legendary Pokemon from Sun and Moon.

These two legendaries will have a new mega-evolution though more information regarding the mega-evolutions has yet to be detailed.

Additionally, there will likely be brand new features tossed into the video game though what they are will likely be unveiled at E3 2017.


The visuals of the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon seem to be as a carbon copy of Pokemon Sun & Moon, though that’s to be expected for the Nintendo 3DS hardware. Nonetheless, the graphics still hold up nicely according to what we’ve seen on the Nintendo Direct.

Release Date & Platforms

As mentioned above, the release date for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be about a year after the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon. Specifically, the release for the latest upcoming installments is November 17, 2017, worldwide.

The Nintendo Direct stated that the two video games would be released on the Nintendo 3DS, however, it was previously rumored online that the titles would also see a launch on Nintendo’s latest console release, the Switch. However, that particular rumor and leak was a mistake according to a spokesperson of The Pokemon Company who spoke with Kotaku.

Apparently, the two titles are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

All-in-all, we got a small snippet of information that will likely come in the next few months. Out of pure speculation, we could get new details about the latest installments from Nintendo around E3 2017 this month.