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The fifth DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is Zombie Chronicles. The DLC adds a grand total of eight zombie maps from past Call of Duty video game installments such as Call of Duty: World at War along with the past Black Ops releases.

While the video game does add some new elements with upgraded visuals, there are a few Easter Eggs that players can uncover. Here are all the Easter Eggs that can be found within the fifth DLC release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Zombie Chronicles.

Note: This list will continue to be updated.

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Fountain Statue

  • Within the middle of the map in Verruckt, there is a fountain statue. If you shoot the statue with an explosive-based weapon the statue will begin to puke blood.

Monty Radio

  • There’s a new radio with Dr. Monty speaking. The radio is near the juggernaut vending machine where Dr. Monty states the following.

“Electroshock therapy, Chemically engineered beverages, Hordes of Undead Nazis. Find the power to unite and send them back to their graves! Can you believe that’s how I actually described it back then? It was an asylum. It was also a horrible, terrible, grim, depressing place. I’d give you a full explanation of everything that happened there, but it would only be horrible, terrible, grim, depressing. Oh, fuck. You weren’t there either. But then you were.”

Shi No Numa

Monty Radio

  • A new radio with Dr. Monty speaking is located in Shi No Numa as well. The radio can be located right at the spawn area in the map where Dr. Monty will state the following.

“Shi No Numa….did I say that right? I’ve not really put the effort into learning Japanese. In some ways, that’s where it all really started for you guys. It’s also where fluffy returned right? Well when I say returned, I’m referring to her offspring, the little pups. They grew big didn’t they? More importantly, they started showing signs of food aggression. Whoahoah that’s never good. Gotta say I do prefer an angry dog to any kind of cat. I know it’s wrong to generalise, but frankly all cats are evil little shits”


Monty Radio

  • A Dr. Monty Radio is located within the spawn room.

“Where to start with this one? You guys got a mulligan after Richtofen blew up the earth. Samantha was confused, she was still settling in to her new home. No, wait, no um, actually she was locked away outside of reality itself. You freeing her was a big step in the right direction. Here’s the thing, you have to remember, the order in which you experience things doesn’t necessarily reflect the order in which they happened. Whatever way you look at it though, it really was the beginning of the end, or, the end of the beginning.”

Jumpscare Image

  • If you have a sniper rifle, go to the top of the Excavation Site and use your scope to look at the fire on top of the Church Tower. After a moment, a scream will play and the image above will show within your scope.


  • If you activate all three green Element 115 around the map, the track “Archangel”.
    • Element Locations:
      • Spawn Room under bunk bed
      • Second floor work station under a bed
      • Scaffolding near Excavation Site near a crate

Shepard of Fire

  • Activate all three red radios on the map to hear the track “Shepard of Fire”.
    • Radio Locations:
      • Above Maxis Drone parts
      • Within Freya Robot
      • Fire are of the Crazy Place


  • Activate all three generator floor panels to hear the track “Aether”.
    • Generator Locations:
      • Panel 1 of Generator 1
      • Panel 1 of Generator 1 (second “1” panel)
      • Panel 5 of Generator 5


Coming Home

  • Activate three teddy bears to hear the track “Coming Home”.
    • Teddy Bear Locations:
      • Within crates below Spawn
      • Airlock within power room
      • Within broken wall near Stamin-Up perk machine


  • Activate the computer right of the MP5K wall buy to hear the song “Damned”.

Coming Home (Electronic)

  • Activate the consoles near the entrance to Tunnel 11 to hear an electronic version of “Coming Home”.


  • Activate the computers right of the window crates on the second Laboratory floor to hear the song “Pareidolia”.


Main Song

  • Activate thee 115 meteorites to hear the main map song.
    • Meteorites Locations:
      • Behind Quick Revive perk machine
      • Near Juggernog Perk Machine
      • Inside broken wall past AK74u Weapon Wall Buy room


Abracadavre Song

  • Activate three teddy bears to hear the song “Abracadavre”.
    • Teddy Bear Locations:
      • Spawn Room near Olympia Weapon Wall Buy
      • Lunar Lander Room on top of wall
      • Lunar Lander Station Behind Stamin-Up perk machine

Rocket Explosion

  • When the rocket launch sequence is started and you have a ray gnu, fire at the rocket after it takes off and it will explode. Head down to the rocket pad to find a power up.

Kino Der Toten

115 Song

  • Activate three orange meteorites to hear the song 115.
    • Meteorite Locations:
      • Spawn room inside glass casing
      • Within chamber above the stage on shelf
      • Within chamber above stage on table

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