Games of Glory – Impressions

Personally, I’m terrible at MOBA’s. The video game genre was always something that appealed to me with the team focused battles and precision strategic planning. For the most part, I’ve tried the big titles with friends before such as the crowd favorite, League of Legends. Despite my best efforts, I always end up “feeding” the opposing team and losing matches.

Ever since then I tend to blacklist MOBA video games, but I thought I would give Games of Glory an honest go. A code was supplied by the developers for review purposes, which for the most part unlocked the current DLC and add-ons available at the time of writing this. Much to my surprise, Games of Glory was not only a blast to play but something that I could ease into without any real problem.

Much like other MOBA video games available in the market, players have a variety of characters to choose from broken down into various classes such as support or tank. Likewise, each character has their own unique special abilities, though what makes the game a bit easier to grasp was the actual mechanics.

Instead of a point-and-click with a few timed out button-mashing combinations to take out your targets, Games of Glory can almost fit in the realm of a twin-stick shooter. Each player has a primary weapon and a melee weapon. It’s worth mentioning that any of the melee and primary weapons, so far, can be equipped by any character.

Within the game, players maneuver around the map and position their character’s aim of fire with the analog sticks or WASD and mouse if playing on a computer. Likewise, making upgrades is simple and not flooded with options. Each weapon can be upgraded with six potential add-ons along with an overall upgrade pathway for increasing damage. The same can be said with the special moves which have their own dedicated menu to upgrade on the fly.

While there is two game modes available, one being a game mode in which two teams must seek a particular member out from the opposing side to take out, I found myself playing quick matches of the traditional MOBA game mode experience.

Known as Arkashan Arena, two teams of four are tasked with destroying the opposing team’s base, but in order to do so, they will have to complete a series of tasks. These include taking down the opposing team’s forcefield, destroy the defense towers, and lastly, destroy the energy core.

Outside of the game modes, there is some focus being placed on the community with developers encouraging teams to be made and joined. Once reaching a certain rank level, a player can create a team and seek out members, which would be ideal for gamers who may not have friends interested in the MOBA genre experience.

Another interesting aspect for Games of Glory is that this is a cross-play title. Both gamers on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms can join together and work their way through the different ranks or battle against one another.

Best of all, Games of Glory is a free-to-play video game title with various in-app purchases, though they are not necessary to enjoy the video game from the start. Players can download a copy of the game right now for the PC or PlayStation 4 platforms.

Disclosure: DLC provided for purposes of review.