10 Myths and Legends in Videogames

2. Galleon 


Mists of Panderia was released last month and has done a lot to bring World of Warcraft fans a breath of fresh air. One aspect of MoP was the re-integration of open world bosses. These monsters are unique in that they have tons of hit points, require a raid to bring down, and drop amazing loot. These two monsters are Sha of Anger – who spawns every 2 hours – and Galleon, a legend in the making. 

Any amount of time spent in the Valley of the Four Winds will include untold amounts of, “Galleon’s up!” Or, “whisper (player name) for an invite to Galleon.” Groups have killed this Boss but the spawn conditions have not been verified. Reports state that the monster could spawn as quickly as 17 minutes or as long as 7 days. The picture above includes people who have been camping the monster for well over 90 hours.