New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Break out of Space, Shows Necromorphs in a Rig

EA has released a batch of new Dead Space 3 screenshots and they show a Necromorph wearing a rig.

While Dead Space 3 news has been sparse the past few months, EA aims to tide us over with a freshly-baked batch of new screenshots instead. 

As a Dead Space fan, I think the biggest thing the screenshots show are Clarke's new rig and Necromorphs wearing 'em! Of course, we don't if all of the people wearing them are Necromorphs as Visceral did state that there will be new enemies that can wield weapons.

Here's the screens that show Necromorphs wearing rigs.

The rest of the screens show the new outfit worn by Isaac,the gun creation tool that players can use in the game, and a new unnamed character. I could be wrong, but that doesn't look like John Carver at all.

Dead Space 3 will once again star Isaac Clarke as he heads to the snowy planet of Tau Volantis to search for the source of the Necromorph outbreak and the markers. Joining Clarke will be John Carver who can also be controlled by another player. In case you didn't know, Dead Space 3 will feature an optional campaign co-op — a first for the franchise. This new feature will be replacing the competitive multiplayer mode introduced in Dead Space 2.

Given how Dead Space 2 ends, do you think Carver is a real character or a figment of Clarke's imagination? Are you excited that the franchise is introducing co-op or wary of its inclusion?

Dead Space 3 is scheduled to hit early next year for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.