Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode May Offer a Campaign, Multiplayer Menu Detailed

According to Walmart & Amazon’s game listings, Black Ops 2 may include a campaign for Zombies Mode.

black ops 2 zombies

It seems Black Ops 2's beta files have somehow leaked all over the internet and people are now uploading videos about it. This one, courtesy of youtube, just shows the game's multiplayer menus.

While the user navigates through it, it really doesn't show anything new, we see the multiplayer hub feature the League Play, Matchmaking, Theatre and other options. 

Watch the video now as it's quickly being taken down by Activision's legal dogs for some reason.

Again, it doesn't show anything new, but gives legitimacy to the fact that a leaked version of the game is somehow proliferating publicly.

Now, the info we have next is the juicy part. Keep in mind that is from a product listing and has, in no way, been confirmed to be true by Treyarch or Activision.

If you're buying Black Ops 2, chances are one of the main reasons aside from multiplayer, is to play the Treyarch's trademark zombie mode. It's even arguable that some people buy the game because of the zombie mode rather than the game's multiplayer. 

So, what's the big news? Well, according to a product description from Amazon, Black Ops 2's zombie mode will have a campaign! Yep, an honest-to-goodness campaign of its own!

Just in case Amazon decides to take the listing off, here's a screenshot of the feature being listed.

Based on the wording, it seems Treyarch will offer players the chance to play zombie mode the way we're used to, and as a campaign. More choices are always good, right?

Again, this has not been confirmed by Activision in anyway, though it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. Come to think of it, we're already midway past September and Treyarch is still keeping mum about Black Ops 2's zombie mode. I know it's one of the game's main selling points, but c'mon, Treyarch, throw us a friggin' bone here, will you?

So, if this is true, Black Ops 2 will have the campaign, competitive multiplayer, combat training, traditional zombie mode and a zombie mode campaign? Not bad for $60, no?

Do you want a campaign for Black Ops 2's zombie mode or should Treyarch make sure the multiplayer's up to snuff first before adding in new features?