Rise of the Triad Bonanza: Building Levels, Panels and More

Hope you like Rise of the Triad, cause here’s a bunch of media on it.

There's a bevy of delicious new info for you folks who are looking forward to Inteceptor Entertainment's upcoming Rise of the Triad. The over-the-top first person shooter that  has new material for both readers and video-people alike.

First we have the launch of the developer blog, showcasing the first entry by the CEO of Interceptor (also incidentally the Game Director on Rise of the Triad). He tells us about how they’re making the levels, which aim to please both the hardcore old-school FPS fan as well as those who are new to the franchise. The idea is to reimagine the original with updated visuals, while retaining what made the original game so work.

And on this note, should you visit the website–make sure to visit the staff page. How metal, right? It's not surprising that these people developed a game that has music like this. Which, while we're here, let me say is excellent. Definitely make sure to download those Rise of the Triad tracks. I'm working to that right now, actually.

Don’t want to read a bunch of words? That’s fine. There’s a behind-the-scenes video for you that shows Frederick Schheiber creating a level in the game in a cool time-lapse video. So you can know what the game looks like before it’s beautified.



And for those who missed out on the QuakeCon panel, there’s also a video for your perusal about Rise of the Triad. Check it out. If you've got an hour to spare, that is–it's a panel, and so it's kind of long!